Why You Should Buy Tires From a Junkyard

Tires are a major environmental concern. People use more than 700 million tires in the United States alone, and they dispose of roughly only one-third of them before five years of use. It is because they wear out faster when they’re frequently driven on rough roads or too often in inclement weather conditions. 

When these worn-out tires reach their end, most people throw them away and bury them in landfills. Not only does this pose a risk to the environment by polluting the air with toxic gases like carbon monoxide, but it also has adverse effects on the economy. It is because you spend billions of dollars every year burying old tires, which you can reuse instead!

What are the benefits of buying junkyard tires? Why would you want to purchase tires at all if they’re going to wear out like any other part of your car? The answer is that there are many benefits.

Here are some general facts about junkyard tires:

  • Junkyards often have many tires in stock.
  • Discounted prices of the tires because they have been used on someone’s vehicle before and doesn’t need to be new for you to use it, too
  • They’re convenient if you don’t want or can’t find your original car manufacturer’s tire
  • You can find used tires in the junkyard.

Benefits of Buying Junkyard Tires:


Junkyards will have a wider selection of tires then you can get at most tires shops. While they may not be organized very well, you can often find a tire size that meets your needs without having to order a tire.


You’re likely to find a better deal on the tire than you would in your local store. Junkyards have several cheaper options you should try out. The cost of new tires can be difficult for many people to afford. Buying used ones is a great way to save money, but it’s going to take some time and patience before you get the best deal possible! The more often you go shopping, the better your chances are that there will always be something in stock that fits all your specifications.

If you’re looking for cheap alternatives when buying car parts like tires, then junkyards are an excellent option for saving both time and money on your purchase. Not only do they have plenty of inventory available, but their prices also won’t break the bank either, which means everyone has access to them regardless of income level or job status because every dollar counts these days!


People sell used tires from the junkyard in bulk, which means you should have plenty of options to choose from. The more stock they have available for purchase, the easier it is for customers to find something that meets their needs. It also cuts down on time spent looking around because these shops typically carry a broad selection of types and brands.

Cheaper Labor

The car service center will charge you a lot more for their services than junkyards would. Sometimes, they will even have staff members on hand who can help with your purchase and help install the tire before you leave.

No Need To Worry About Warranties or Workmanship

The products at any junkyard will be used goods that don’t come with every bit of detail protected by warranty like new tires do, but this doesn’t mean they’re unsafe. You should always inspect them thoroughly before buying to make sure there’s no damage from previous owners. Still, if there have been previous checks and inspections, it shouldn’t matter much whether the product comes with a warranty because it’s safe to use either way.

No-Risk of Buying a Tire That Doesn’t Fit

Buying tires for your vehicle can be difficult because you must ensure they’re the right size and type before putting them on. With used tires from junkyards, this is no longer an issue. They should all come with a label that lists their dimensions, so there should never be any confusion about whether they’ll work on your car. Also the folks who work at the junkyard will know the fitment you need for your vehicle and can help you chose the right tire.

A Word of Warning On Safety


Tires are a significant safety risk to drivers and passengers if they’re not maintained properly. It may be suitable for them to come from your local store because they have been checked often by professionals. With tires from a junkyard you are going to need to inspect them yourself. You should never chose a tire just because it is cheap. First find a tire that is safe and then evaluate the cost.

Junkyard Tires – Conclusion

Tires provide a variety of benefits, and it’s no surprise that they’re expensive. However, buying them from a junkyard is one way to save money without sacrificing quality.


James is an avid junkyarder and mechanic. He has visited Junkyards in every US state and has restored over 30 makes and models of vehicles. He has several automotive and recycling related blogs that generate over 150K views a month.