Whether you need a short bed, long bed, standard, or step you can find one used. Salvage pickup truck beds are the best option to save money instead of purchasing one new. While you can find pickup beds at an auto salvage there are places better suited to look first. In the article I will address where to find salvage pick up beds, the different types of beds, the pros and cons of purchasing one, and how the places that sell used truck beds near me work.

Map of Used Truck Bed Salvage Yard Near Me

For “used pickup truck bed salvage near me” or “truck bed junkyards near me”, see the map below…

How Do Used Truck Bed Salvages Work?

These yards work like traditional salvage yards, in that they deal with used parts. These businesses purchase salvage truck beds and either resell them or restore them and resell them. The beds and trucks themselves come from various sources like private owners, businesses, auctions, and insurance companies.

What Kind of Used Truck Beds Can You Find?

You can find various makes and models of used pickup truck beds and various materials. Even various years of truck models. This includes steel and aluminum beds and then various functions like rollback, utility, and flat beds, Generally the most common used truck beds near me I see are the major brands Dodge, Ford, GMC, Chevy, and Toyota, but also see Pronghorn and Western Hauler among others.

Deepening on the truck salvage yard you can even find tow trucks, dump trucks, and other commercial work-style beds. Here we are going to focus on pickup truck beds, which are a majority of most salvage inventory.

You will find the two basic design types short beds and long beds along with the two variants of each style which are standard and step-in. For example, a short bed has two styles standard or step-in.

Short Beds, also called short boxes, are the most popular truck bed type. The compact ones run about 6ft long on average and the full size runs about six inches longer. These are ideal for significant hauling as long as make a truck much easier to drive and park.

Long Beds, also called long boxes, are the most popular truck bed type for farm trucks and commercial applications. There are compact long beds that run about 7 feet in length, while a full long will run about 8 feet. A full long is nice if you need to haul plywood and want to keep the tailgate closed.

Standard beds, come in all sizes and features and have fender wells on the inside of the bed. The advantage here is that you get more space in the bed since they extend over the wheel instead of humping over them. These beds tend to be more aerodynamic as well since the bed walls are smooth and flat.

Used Pickup Bed Salvage Near Me

Ford Super Duty Pick Up Truck bed at a Salvage Yard

Tips for Replacing a Truck Bed

Before you purchase a used pickup bed from a salvage it needs to be thoroughly inspected and you need to ensure it will fit on your truck. The best way to do this is to check the OEM part numbers for compatibility and cross-reference the VIN.

For folks who can’t find a “used pickup bed salvage near me” and need to order one online, you should always request pictures. Any reputable truck salvage will be willing to send you pictures upfront so you can see the level of quality. Since shipping is expensive and these are not small parts to ship, you need to account for the cost in your total. Make sure you tell them your zip for the most accurate quote on shipping and see what carrier options are available.

Some salvage will offer a warranty on your used pickup bed. Doing this can protect you from damage during shipment or a part that was advertised to fit, but doesn’t.

Alternate Places to Find Used Truck Beds Nearby

If you aren’t having like finding a local salvage that has used truck beds for your vehicle type, you have two options. The internet is always option one, searching online and ordering one. The other option is to try a specialized junkyard for your type of truck. For example, if you have a Ford Super Duty, you could visit or call a specialized Ford junkyard. You can find various manufacturer junkyards here.

Pros and Cons of Salvage Truck Beds

Pros of Second-Hand Truck Beds

The first advantage of buying salvage truck beds of course is saving money.

The second is that buying OEM parts is far better than aftermarket parts that may not fit. look or function correctly.

The third advantage is you can often get a warranty on these pieces. Some pickup bed salvages and used bed seller will give a guarantee of up to six months. Most commonly though salvage yards do a 30-day exchange.

Cons of Salvage Truck Beds

Whenever you buy anything used, quality is always the X factor. It’s important to inspect a used pickup truck bed or deal with a company with a high reputation for inspection. There are also tons of stories of beds arriving to customers where the damage happened during shipping or the part arrived and didn’t fit.

Used Truck Beds Near Me – Wrap-Up

Secondhand beds for pick-ups or any style are a great find at a salvage yard if you need a replacement or modification. You can save a lot of money by going used and have a better fit than an aftermarket pickup truck bed. The most important thing to do though is to check your part numbers, check your VINs, and if ordering online consider a guarantee and check the shipping costs. This is what I have learned from the places that sell used truck beds near me.

FAQs – Used Truck Beds for Sale Near Me

What types of used truck beds are available in the selection?

They offer a diverse range of used truck beds, including dump bodies, flatbeds, and more. Their inventory is carefully curated to provide a great selection for various needs.

How can I find more information about the available truck beds?

For more info about used truck beds, you can explore their website or contact the sales team. They provide comprehensive details, including specifications, conditions, country, model, and pricing.

Are dump bodies available in your stock of used truck beds?

Yes, they have a dedicated stock of used dump bodies for sale. Browse through their inventory to find the right dump body that suits your requirements.

How can I sort through the available used truck beds?

You can easily sort through their inventory using their user-friendly website. Utilize the sorting options to filter by model, price, condition, or other relevant criteria to find the used truck bed that best fits your requirements.


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