If you have an RV that you want to junk for cash you may have a few different options. Locale plays a big part in the options available to you. In the article below we will discuss where to find a local junk RV buyer, how the process works, what questions they will ask, and how much money you can get. I’ll also share negotiation tips I picked up from the place who buys junk RV’s near me.

Map of Who Buys Junk RV’s Near Me

For “Who Buys Junk RV’s Near Me” and “Junk an RV for Cash Near Me”, see the map below…


The place who buys junk RV’s near me is actually a “middle man” service. They are basically a “Junk a Vehicle for Cash Buyer” who then turns around and sells your vehicle. There are other options for selling a junk RV like a local auto salvage, RV salvage, or even a scrap metal place.

Who Buys Junk RV’s Near Me – What are my Options?

You may have several alternatives to junk an RV or camper for cash depending on where you live. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks. Below I will address the most common options you have as a seller and the pros and cons of each.

Recreational Vehicle Salvages – BEST OPTION

An RV salvage yard is a place that will purchase your junked RV and then sell it off as used parts. There are related places like caravan, camper, and truck salvages that also buy junk RV’s. Sometimes a standard auto junkyard will as well, but you should call ahead.


Your best bang for your buck is a salvage yard that specializes in RV’s. This will be your key to getting the most money. The more valuable components that are still in the vehicle the better payout you can get. You should however be prepared to negotiate with the junkyard. Most of these places start by offering you the scrap metal value and then you need to negotiate for why it is worth more. Your argument should be around the value of the parts and components. If it still runs, that will be a good way to get an increased offer.


You are not going to get the full price for all the parts, but negotiating up to about 50% of the value is possible. Find an RV salvage here.

Scrap Metal Plants

A scrap metal plant is interested in paying for the metal on your vehicle. In this scenario the components are not considered. Most scrap metal places will either look up or weigh your vehicle to find out the total weight. Then they will make you an offer based on the going rate for scrap steel You will get a value per ton on your recreational vehicles total weight. Given the average weight of an RV is around 10,000 lbs, it could fetch a decent amount.


Current rates for scrap steel aren’t what they used to be. Over the last 10 years prices have come down due to an over abundance in supply. Prices for scrap steel change every day based on market conditions and it also varies by zip code. You may want to call around to other facilities in neighboring zip codes to get competing offers. You can check the daily scrap metal rates here.


If you think you want to sell your junk RV for scrap metal consider selling off any internal components that may have value first. This way you can get the most profit before selling the vehicle for it’s weight. You can find scrap metal yards here.

Junk Car For Cash Buyers

Many places that advertise “Junk Your Car for Cash”, don’t just purchase cars. Many will purchase junk RV’s, campers, trailers, caravan’s and the like. The business who buys junk RV’s near me, doesn’t always pay the best price. They are “middlemen” in the process, kind of like a broker who is gonna resell it for a profit. They want to get your vehicle cheap and then flip it to someone like a salvage or scrap yard that they get discounted rates from.


The advantage of going to see a junk vehicle buyer is that the process is super easy. Its often as straight forward as filling out a form, waiting for approval, collecting your money, and lastly waiting for transport. The other advantage is that these places often move quickly, which means fast cash for you.

Craigslist, Ebay, or Other Sites

Craigslist and Ebay are a good places to list your junk RV. The better the condition the more luck you will have. While many times a junk RV won’t sell it’s a good first step to try this because this can net you the best profit from selling it. The idea here is that there is no middle man. You sell the vehicle and keep all the money. You may even want to consider listing it on Facebook Marketplace.


Craigslist will attract more local buyers and could be good if you live in a more rural area where people camp more. Ebay will attract more global buyers. Using these sites you also need to consider how the vehicle will get to the new buyer especially if it is not currently operable.

Charity Donation

There are charities that you can donate your RV to and get a tax write-off. While it is not a cash payout, you can save the money later in the year on your tax bill. The charities operate similar to junk car buyers mentioned above. They will act as a middle man and likely sell your RV for scrap metal or to an RV salvage. One of the most popular vehicle charities is Kars for Kids. They do buy salvage RV’s.


For any charity organization you should check and see if they are a legitimate 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity.

Who Buys Junk RVs Near Me

How Do You Junk an RV for Cash – What’s The Process?

On our site we have a simple process to follow for selling junk cars, trucks, RV’s etc. It really depends on who you are selling your vehicle to as to what the process is. In most cases its as basic as calling a company, agreeing on a price, getting your money, signing over your title, and delivering the vehicle.


Some things to consider before calling around are:

  • What condition is the RV in
  • How much do you want for it
  • How quickly do you need to get rid of it.

If you are looking for maximum return then trying several options above is best to get your best price. For quick money, a junk vehicle buyer is best or a scrap metal yard. When I really want to get the most from the place who buys junk RV’s near me here is what I do…

Explore All the Buyer Options

If I was looking to sell my junked RV for cash here is what I would do first:


  • Estimate how much is the RV is worth in it’s current condition
  • Estimate how much it would cost if you did all the repairs enough to make it run and pass inspection.
  • Find comparable prices for similar models of the same size, mileage, and condition on sites like Ebay and Craigslist.
  • Look up the value of individual auto parts to see what you could sell them for independently.

After that, I would then try and assess if I should…


  • Not fix anything on it and sell it privately, sell it to a salvage, sell it to a junk vehicle buyer, or sell it to a scrap yard.
  • Fix it and see if that would change my offers selling it privately or to a salvage
  • Don’t sell the RV at all and strip it yourself to sell off all the individual parts and components.

If You Determine That Junking the RV for Cash Is The Best Option…

If you have decided to move forward with selling your salvae camper, trailer, or RV for cash, follow these steps..

  1. Remove all personal belongings (RV’s are huge check every draw, compartment, etc…).
  2. Find your title, cancel the registration and cancel the insurance.
  3. Research the value of the vehicle. Look for comps on Ebay, Craigslist, etc…
  4. Remove any valuable parts or components that you can sell yourself online.
  5. Remove license plates (not all states require them to be turned into the DMV).
  6. Siphon the gas and use it for yourself.
  7. If your RV has a nav system, make sure to wipe your data and other PII from it (learn more here).
  8. Call around to place(s) who buys junk rv’s near me to consider all your offers..
  9. Consider alternative options, like donating it for a tax write off.
  10. Negotiate the transportation of the junked RV into the sale.

Other Tips for Selling a Junked RV, Camper or Trailer

When you call around be prepared to negotiate. Know the condition of the vehicle and the value of the parts still in it. They are going to offer you the scrap metal price, it is up to you to negotiate for more. If the vehicle runs, make sure to say that. If it has only been off the road for a short time, say how long. Did you recently have repairs done and there are new parts on it?…if so mention that.

Use the NADA Guid as a Reference 

Use the NADA Guide for a price point reference, but know you will not get near that price at any of these places. You are dealing with a junk vehicle, which means worse then poor condition. The NADA guide though should just be a reference point. This is to help you frame what is a fair price in your mind,

What Kind of Questions Will The Place Who Buys Junk RV’s Near Me Ask?

Here are common questions most junk RV and camper buyers ask:

  • What is the year, make, and model?
  • What condition is it in?
  • Is the vehicle currently running? If not do you know why?
  • How many miles are on it?
  • Do you have the title and is it clean? Are there any liens on it?
  • Do you pictures of the vehicle to show the current condition?
  • How do you plan on getting the vehicle to us?
  • Has it ever been in an accident or caught on fire?

Can You Sell a Junk RV Near Me Without the Title?

In my experience reputable businesses will not buy any vehicle without a title. If its just a matter of replacing your title then you can try this site. Replacement costs for a title vary depending on where you live.


There are some salvage yards or scrap metal yards that will take vehicle with no title, but those places are few and far between. If you don’t have the title, you need to call and ask for your options. Depending on the buyer they may be able to help you to obtain one.

My Junk RV is Undriveable, Will They Tow It?

The place who buys junk RV’s near me will tow your vehicle. It is important though that you negotiate this up front. Some places will charge you for the tow after you negotiated and then it eats into your bottom line. Never let a tow truck driver hook the vehicle until you have cash in hand. Do not sign over the RV’s title until you have the money.

How Much Money Can I Get for a Junk RV?

This will depend on several factors such as:

  • Who is buying your junked vehicle (Salvage yard, Scrap Yard, Junk Car Buyer, etc…).
  • If your RV is able to start.
  • If your RV has valuable parts or components still in it.
  • The year, make, model, and weight of your vehicle.
  • Your location.
  • The current market price for scrap steel.
  • How many miles are on it.
  • The condition and specifically if it’s ever been in a fire.

How Can I Get The Most Value From Selling a Junked RV or Camper?

The best thing to do is consider all of the options I have laid out. Then figure out how much money you can get for the condition the vehicle is in. Your absolute best thing you can do is call around get several offers for it. If you live near the border of your state, consider calling out of state, you may find a higher offer.


If your RV or Camper has:

  • Valuable parts or components in it, call a salvage yard for highest price.
  • Valuable parts or components you can easily sell yourself, do that first, then call a salvage yard.
  • No valuable part or components and isn’t driveable, call a scrap yard.
  • Needs to be dumped quickly, call a junk car buyer.

If you are considering trying to sell of some used salvage parts to squeeze out some extra money, try posting on this Facebook Group.

Negotiation Tips for Selling to a Place Who Buys Junk RV’s:

  • If the vehicle is driveable, negotiate a higher price.
  • The NADA Guide value assumes good condition, but use it as a reference for your RV’s worth.
  • Don’t wait to junk the RV, the longer you wait the less it is worth to a salvage yard. The most valuable parts rust and corrode.
  • Don’t sign over a title until they pay you the money.
  • Negotiate the transport terms and get it in writing who pays for the transport.
  • Get everything in writing and a bill of sale.
  • Weigh the vehicle yourself and make sure they offer you a fair price for the weight.

Read this article: How to Get The Maximum Vale for Your Junked Vehicle

The Place Who Buys Junk RV’s Near Me is Low Balling Me, Why?

These places are business that need to make money. They want to pay the least amount to you so they can flip your RV, camper, or trailer for a larger profit. They may even say your vehicle is worth zero, but they can happily take it off your hands for free. Remember to them it is not worth zero…don’t fall for that.

What Will The Place Who Buys Junk RV’s Near Me Do With It?

It depends on where you end up selling it, how the vehicles fate is decided.


A salvage will drain the fluids and put the vehicle out for parts to be picked off of it. They may even pick some parts off themselves and sell them online. A scrap metal yard will drain the fluids and then separate out the various metal types. About 85 % of the parts will be reused and recycled.


If the RV runs they may take it to auction or fix it and flip it. This is why you need to negotiate up from the first offer if your RV still runs.

Who Buys Junk RV’s Near Me – Conclusion

Selling your scrap RV probably has more options then you think. Considering most “Junk Your Car For Cash” places will take them, you can find many options locally and online. Knowing the condition of the vehicle and the value of the working parts is the first critical step in the selling process. Knowing that will help give you a better point for negotiation. It’s all dependent though on if you are looking for a quick option or the most lucrative. This is what I have learned from the place who buys junk RV’s near me.