RV Salvage Yards Near Me – Find Used RV and Camper Parts

RV’s are great vehicles for vacationing in, but when it comes to complexity of repairs it can extremely expensive. Finding used RV parts is a good way to save money, but they are often hard to come by. This is why its best to find an RV Salvage Yard. An RV salvage yard is a place where wrecked or damaged recreational vehicles like campers and motorhomes, get put out in a lot and the public can purchase used RV parts from them. I will share with you how the RV salvage yards near me works and provide you some guidance on how to conduct good business with them.

Find RV Junk Yards Near Me – Use the Camper Salvage Yard Locator

If you are searching for “RV Junk Yards Near Me”, “RV Salvage Yards Near Me”, “Camper Junkyards Near me” or “Camper Salvage Yards near Me”t he Google Map below will display the RV junk yards closest to you. There are not a lot of scrap yards strictly dedicated to recreational vehicles and campers, so you may not have one nearby. You can also look for used parts or auto junk yards as some places will have RV’s and used RV parts.



Operations of RV Salvage Yards

RV Salvage Yards Near MeRV junk yards are very specialized and you will not find many of them around. Those that you do find operate locally. It’s possible to find RV ‘s and used RV parts in a traditional auto junk yard or mobile home junk yard, but they are not the ideal locations. You want RV salvage yards, camper salvage yards and motorhome salvage yards.


When a recreational vehicle goes to the junk yard its usually a result of an accident or needs enough repairs that the owner deemed the cost not worth the price to fix. Motorhomes can also be a community eyesore and some people junk them because they have no where to park it and couldn’t sell it independently.


Since RV’s are such large vehicles an RV salvage yard will line them up in tight rows. The salvage yard will also create an inventory on whats in the yard with make, model, and, year so that people can find the used RV, camper, and motorhome parts they need faster. If you are looking for spare RV parts you can call up the junk yard and see if they have what you need. If they do you will likely have to go visit the RV junk yard and remove the parts you need yourself. That is how the RV salvage yard near me operates anyhow.


Certain parts like engines might get taken out by the junkyard and sold back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will rebuild the engine and then sell it as a rebuild and offer a warranty on it. A wrecked RV  may have tons of  functional parts such as side mirrors, wheels, kitchen appliances, toilets, showers, seats, bedroom pieces, etc. When the RV salvage yard feels the motorhome is stripped down to bare bones they will sell it off for scrap metal. With the size and weight of motor homes these catch a nice price for the junkyard as scrap metal.

Salvage Yards That Buy RVs

Anytime you are selling a car, boat, truck, RV, or anything to a junk yard there are certain things to be mindful of. First figure out if your vehicle is repairable and if its worth the cost of fixing it. If it’s not, perhaps an RV scrap yard is an option…


RV’s are huge vehicles with lots of storage and compartments. Make sure you thoroughly go through it and ensure all your closets, cabinets, and compartments are rid of all of your personal belongings.  If there is gas in it and you are having it towed siphon it out and save it for yourself. Also take the time to cancel your insurance and your registration as well as turn in your plates. if you leave those tasks to the RV salvage yards they may bill you for an admin fee.


Additionally you will want to know exactly how much your recreational vehicle is worth before you scrap it. This will help you negotiate a good price with a junk yard. A good resource for accessing the value of your RV is the NADA guide.


If you have a wrecked RV then perhaps a salvage yard is a good option is a junkyard. RV junk yards are two ways businesses, you can sell them your RV or you can buy used RV parts from them.


Used RV and Camper Parts at a Junk Yard

Used RV parts near meYour best bet to find used rv parts near me is at RV salvage yards. You may find some at a standard auto or truck scrap yard, but the pickins’ will be slim. It is likely that you will have a hard time finding the exact piece you are looking for if it is make, model, or year specific. At a RV salvage yard on the other hand you can find all types of gems like mirrors, bucket seats, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures for your vehicle.


If you find the used RV parts you need, you can purchase them at cheap prices. Most of what you will get should be in good condition. While the RV junkyard can’t make any warranties, they do adhere to government regulations which should help protect you as a consumer. Finding spare parts for your RV at a scrap yard also means its likely a part made by the original manufacturer.

Disadvantages of Buying Used RV and Camper Parts from the Junkyard

Some parts may not last long and you have no idea how much they have been used. Its possible you are getting something with 1000’s of hours of use on it and its nearing the end of its life span. Used RV parts from a salvage yard do not come with a warranty so its best to really inspect the parts before you purchase them.

RV Junk Yards Near Me Conclusion

RV junk yards are not only a great place to buy and sell, but they are also good for the environment. They help get wrecked RV’s, campers, and motorhomes into a standardized place, where their functional pieces can be removed and reused on working vehicles. Imagine how many wrecked RV’s and campers there would be n the side of the road if not for these specialized camper scrap yards.


That’s my experience with the RV salvage yard near me. There are not a lot of these specialized businesses around so if you have one local consider yourself lucky. If you don’t have one local you still may want to consider contacting one in a state close by. You never know if you can strike a deal for your recreational vehicle or if they will have the parts you need. I have gotten luck getting used RV parts near me, you never know what you’ll find.


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