Selling a used motor is great way to get cash. There are a few different buyers which we can discuss below. Whether you have a car, boat, tractor, or lawn mower engine, there are buyers out there on the secondary market who will pay money. In this blog post I will discuss who the engine buyers are and guide you on where to sell one. I will also share my experience with the place who buys used engines near me.

Map of Who Buys Used Engines Near Me

For “Who Buys Used Engines Near Me” or “Where to Sell Used Engines Near Me”, see the map below…


Often the quickest engine sale can come from your local junkyard depending on what you have and the condition it is in. There are also specialied engine salvage yards, that soley deal in motors that are regular buyers. There are buyers beyond the junkyard, which we will get into…


When you sell a used motor and you want to get the most money from it, you need to understand that who your selling to matters. For example lets says you have an old inline 4 cyclinder Honda V-TEC B-Series from a Civic, do you think a Chevy salvage yard is going to give you any money for it. A salvage yard is going to need to be able to resell to their customers whatever they buy from you. Finding the best buyer for your engine is the key to max profit.

Who Buys Used Engines Near Me

Engines are great on the secondary market. Considering that a new crate motor for a car will run $2k and a junkyard will sell a used motor for $300, there is a big opportunity for buyers to save. The key to sellling is knowing your buyer and pricing correctly.

Local Auto Salvage

If you are selling a car or truck engine, your local salvage yard is a good option. While these places typically purchase junked vehicles and resell them for parts, some will purchase engines if they think they can resell it.


You need to understand though that a salvage yard is a “middle man” in the buying process. That means they will make you a low offer for your motor because they need to mark it up to make a profit. They may offer your $75 for an engine they can sell for $250. Most general auto junkyards will only consider engines from popular car and truck models. The engine needs to be in good enough condition to be resold.

Find Salvages That Specialize in a Make and Model for Higher Profit

Now if you have a specific engine that appeals to a specific audience, seeking out a specialized salvage yard will net you a higher offer. For example, if you take a Honda V Tec to a Civic Salvage yard or a JDM salvage you will get a better offer. Same would go for taking an L75, L76, and L84 V8 engines to a Chevy salvage, a specialized Corvette salvage, or even a classic car salvage.


Some junkyards specialize in one make or model of vehicle. Those yards will pay more if you have the right parts because they cater to a niche audience. With that being said it’s not just cars and trucks either. The same goes for tractors, lawn mowers, motorcycles, construction equipment etc…there are yards dedicated soley to those. Those yards look for specific parts and know exactly what their customers will buy.

Engine Salvages

There are yards that deal soley in used engines. They purchase engines second hand and have a warehouse of engines. They sell them from the warehouse and online. These are really great resources for people who do restoration projects. While many of these places are going to conser a running motor over a seized one, if you have something rare or valuable, they may be interested in rebuilding it.

Scrap Metal Facility

This is an option particularly if your engine is truly junk. A scrap metal facility will pay you for a junk engine based on it’s weight and metal. This is one of the easiest options to sell an engine quickly, however don’t expect much money from a scrap metal sale.

Online MarketPlaces and Classified Ad Sites

If you have a working motor, this should be your first consideration. Selling a used engine privately on your own. That means no middle man reseller and you keep all the money since you get paid by the consumer. As a general rule, try and sell your engine yourself first, then consider other options.


There are all of ways to sell an engine online, but the most popular are still these three sites:


  • Ebay Motors – Great to reach a large audience, but have to deal with shipping it to the buyer
  • Craigslist Auto Parts – Great to find locals and avoid shipping, but lots of haggling and potential for scammers.
  • Facebook Market Place – Reach a huge audience and local buyers

Who Buys Used Engines Near Me – Other Options

There are two other options, but these buyers can be a bit more tricky. You need to have the right parts that tailor to the audience. These places will often pay less then others becuase unless you have exactly what they are looking for at the exact time, they don’t need your engine.

Local Mechanic

Your local auto mechanic may be interested in a used engine. This is even more true if you have an engine for a popular model of vehicle like a Corolla or an Accord. These vehicles have engines that interchangeable on various models of vehicles, which makes them have great value. This is true of a lot of brands like Toyota Nissan, Ford, Chevy, etc…

Custom Shop or Tuning Shop

Shops that do custom car tuning, may also buy used engines. Some of these shops specialize in engine swaps. Again the more specialized the shop the more likely you are two interest them in your motor. For example taking a 90’s Skyline Inline 6 to a JDM tuning shop, you may get some interest.

Where to Get The Most Money For a Used Engine

Ebay, Craigslist, and Facebook Market Place are the best options for the highest paying buyers. Using the internet you can reach a broader audience which can help you get the price you want.


While there is more competion, the key to getting the most money and selling your engine effciently is:


  • Be clear about the make, model, HP, etc…
  • Taking Really good pictures (consider cleaning the engine up first)
  • Setting a reasonable price
  • Writing a really good description and include all the specs
  • Measure it and include the dimensions
  • If anything is wrong with it, be honest about it, you will earn the buyers trust
  • Include any stipulation, like you must pick it up

Who Buys Used Engines Near Me

Direct Buyers Want Motors That Work…

If you are selling an engine privately and directly to consumers, then it is going to need to be running. I’m not saying it is impossible, but 90% of buyers are not looking to rebuild an engine, because they need an engine now to solve a problem. So my point here is to be honest with yourself and the condition of the engine.


There are places that rebuild engines and they would be a good option for a non-functioning motor. However to my point above they are not a direct consumer.


Be ready for your buyer to ask questions like: Does it run? When’s the last time it ran? Has it ever been rebuilt? Do you have service records? How many miles are on it? etc…


It doesn’t need to be perfect condition for you to sell it. Most people buying second hand expect wear and tear. What they don’t expect is a seized engine.

A Note About Liability When Selling Used Motors

This is my two cents when selling to someone who buys used engines near me: write a bill of sale and ask to waive any liability. That means that if they use this engine and it fails and someone gets hurt you are not liable.


In a liability case on a defective car part, everyone in the chain can get sued. From the manufacturer down to someone like you if perhaps you customized something on it that caused the issue.

Who Buys Used Engines Near Me – Wrap Up

When it comes to finding a used engine buyer, you have quite a few options. It doesn’t matter if you have a small lawn mower engine or mack truck engine, there is a buyer for your part. Selling privately is ideal, specialized junkyards are second, and selling for scrap metal should be your last option,  This is what I have learned from the place who buys used enginess near me.