If you have a used alternator, you can find a buyer. How much money you receive for the alternator depends on the buyer, the condition, and the vehicle it is for. I’ll go through who purchases secondhand alternators and what you need to know about each choice. I’ll also share my experience with the place who buys old alternators near me.

Map of Who Buys Old Alternators Near Me

For “Who Buys Old Alternators Near Me” or “Where to Sell a Used Alternator Near Me”, see the map below…


There are advantages and drawbacks to each alternative, so think about them when choosing a buyer. A scrap metal facility, for example, will pay you the least but will allow you to simply drop it off and not answer any questions. You can dictate the price to a private buyer on Craigslist, but it may take a long time to find a buyer and have to respond to many questions.

Who Buys Used Alternators Near Me

Used alternators sell well on the second-hand market. At junkyards, they are one of the most commonly pulled replacement parts. This is true of both late models and vintage autos. Selling a used alternator is all about setting a fair price and finding the right buyer for it.

Local Auto Salvages Who Buy Alternators

This is a solid option for any car, van, pick-up truck, or SUV. If you have an alternator for a well-known brand and model, your local auto salvage will be interested. Salvages deal in used auto parts which they resell to the public. The salvo near me will buy an alternator if they believe they can profit from it. Some may already have a buyer on standby who they can contact to get a quick sale.


Before attempting to sell your car parts to a junkyard, keep in mind that they are primarily interested in making a profit. This likely means that their offers will be low because they need room to markup the price up. If the alternator doesn’t work, the salvage yard will not buy it from you.

Specialized Manufacturer Salvages

To get the most money for your alternator, look for specific junkers that deal in your vehicle type.


For example, let’s say you have a 55 amp Alternator for a 1972 Chevy Camero. You could take that to your local auto salvage and sell it, but you would get more for it if you went to a Chevrolet junkyard. There are specialized yards for every vehicle make and model.


Let’s say you don’t have a Chevy junkyard. Alternatively, you could find a muscle car junkyard, a classic car junkyard, or even a Vette junkyard since the 72 Vette used the same alternator.

Engine and Transmission Salvage Yards

Some salvages deal in engines and/or transmissions. These are sort of like parts warehouses. They purchase second-hand engines and transmissions and resell them or they rebuild them and resell them with a warranty. These places also buy used alternators and starters for specific makes and models.


In my experience, these folks mostly are interested in medium and heavy-duty truck alternators.

Scrap Metal Facilities Who Buy Alternators

If the old alternator isn’t able to operate, this is the best alternative. A scrap metal yard isn’t concerned about the part working; they’re only interested in the metal. They’ll pay you for the scrap value of the old alternator.


If you have a functional alternator, you should avoid using a scrap metal yard. Their payouts will be under $8.

Online MarketPlaces and Classified Ad Sites

If you want to get the most money for your old alternator, then selling it privately should be first on your list. You’re in charge of negotiations and setting a price that works best for you. As a rule of thumb, always try and sell any used auto parts privately before resorting to other methods. Private sales will always net you the most money for used auto parts.


Here are 3 popular ways to find people who buy old alternators…

  • eBay Motors – Great to reach a large audience, but have to deal with shipping it to the buyer. Not that big of a deal though since these parts aren’t that heavy. This is the best option to sell a vintage alternator.
  • Craigslist – Great to find locals and avoid shipping, but a lot of haggling over price.
  • Facebook Market Place – Reach a huge audience and local buyers. This is a great option for alternators for newer vehicles.

Who Buys Old Alternators Near Me

Who Buys Old Alternators Near Me – Other Options

While other options do exist, they are often more niche. The buyers below may not always purchase used parts, but could in the right situation. To profit off of these buyers, you must have the correct part available in their time of need…

Local Auto Mechanics Who Buy Used Alternators

If you have a used alternator for a popular car like a Corolla or a Civic, your local auto mechanic may be interested. Because several models and years of popular vehicles utilize the same alternators, they’re more valuable because they may be used in different cars. This is especially true of many manufacturers such as Toyota Honda, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet, etc…

Vehicle Restoration Shops Who Buy Old Alternators

If you have an old alternator from a vintage car, an auto restoration shop could be a great buyer. While you can find a general auto resto shop, try and find one that specializes in what you have. For example, if you have an alternator for an old 1970’s Triumph try and find a shop that specializes in British vehicle restorations.

Where To Get The Most Money For an Alternator

Choosing the right marketplace is a critical step in your sales plan. The most popular options are eBay Motors, Craigslist, and Facebook Market Place for good reason: they work!


Selling on these websites helps you reach a vast audience, which means more attention to your product, more competition, and more offers.


The key to selling a used alternator online is:

  • Be clear about the make, model, amps etc, say what kind of vehicle it came from and suggest what vehicles it is compatible with.
  • Taking good pictures (consider cleaning it first).
  • Set a price that is negotiable, but reasonable.
  • Writing a good description and including all the specs
  • Be specific about the condition and any known issues. When you’re selling something, always be truthful about any imperfections it may have. In this way, you will gain the buyer’s trust.
  • Include any special stipulations, like you must pick it up or pay via paypal.

Private Buyers Want a Working Alternator

This is a critical step because most buyers DO NOT want trash. You may come across a direct buyer that is willing to rebuild your alternator, but that isn’t always the case. It’s difficult to sell an old alternator if it doesn’t work; you’ll have a hard time finding someone to buy it.


One pain point when selling used car parts second-hand is that people need to trust you. They do this by asking questions, and you must answer them honestly. For example, they might inquire about whether the part works, if it has been rebuilt, why you’re selling it, or how many miles are on it.

Who Buys Old Alternators Near Me – Wrap Up

There are a bunch of good options to sell an old alternator that’s used. Regardless if you have one for a heavy-duty vehicle or one for a classic automobile, there is a buyer out there.


The most money is made by first selling it yourself. Remember, junkyards sometimes need to pay less for the alternator so they can make a bigger profit when reselling it. Scrap metal plants should only be considered as an option if the alternator is truly junk and unusable. This is what I have learned from the place who buys old alternators near me.