The Ford Super Duty pickup has been a stalwart of the Ford lineup for over 20 years. That makes finding salvage parts for various model years at the junkyard pretty easy. These are popular trucks that sell well and you can find salvages with lots of them. One of the keys to finding parts though is understanding which years used the same parts. Below I’ll share how the Ford Super Duty salvage yards near me operates, where to find Super Duty salvage parts, and some tips for dealing with an auto salvo.

Map of Ford Super Duty Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Ford Super Duty Junkyards Near Me” or “Ford Super Duty Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…


For any kind of vehicle that you need salvage parts for, the more popular it is, the easier used parts are to find. Since the first release year of the Ford Super Duty was in 1999, that makes them a great candidate for parts. Many of the trucks of the same generation have swappable parts. So for example a the Triton SOHC V8 engine in a 1999 Super Duty is the same engine through 2004. So you can pull engine parts for any of those years.


In my experience there are few yards dedicated soley to Super Duty trucks. You can however find yards that specialize in Ford. Those yards will offer the best inventory. You can also find Super Duty trucks at a standard auto salvage.

How Do the Ford Super Duty Salvage Yards Near Me Work

Junkyards are local businesses, privately owned. There are franchises of self service yards in the US, but most yards are mom and pop shops. These yards purchase junked vehicles and then sell the functioning parts for resuse. They are a major contributor to the recycling industry and can help you save money on used truck parts.


Salvages have a few different styles:

  • Self service yards – you bring your own tools and pull parts yourself.
  • Full service yards – tyou find the parts in the yard, but hey pull the parts for you.
  • Warehouse yards – you shop for pre-pulled parts in a warehouse or buy them online.

Each of these has their pros and cons. Self service yards typically charge a couple bucks to walk around. They also tend to have cheaper parts, but older inventory. Full service yards, charge more for parts, but tend to have newer vehicles and better quality. Warehouses charge more and may charge you for shipping.

How Do Super Duty Trucks End Up in a Junk Yard?…

Ford Super Duty trucks end up in a junkyard for a variety of reasons. They come from places like private owners, insurance companies, tow companies, auctions, business liquidations, etc…


Typically when a private owner sends their truck to the salvage it is no longer operational. When an insurance company sends one, it is because they have deemed it “totaled” from an accident. Pretty much what every scenario has in common is someone assessed that the cost of repairs is worth more then the trucks value.

How Junkyards Process Trucks

When a Super Duty comes to the yard, it doesn’t just go out for pick and pull. First it needs to go through a basic level of processing.


There are EPA regulations that the junkyard must adere to. This includes recycling hazardous chemicals like oil, gas, Freon, coolant, etc. If these fluids were to leak into the ground it could contaminate the ground water and local eco-system. Some liquids like wiper fluid can be rebottled and resold at a discount.


The next step is to maximize the profit from the truck. Some yards will pre-pull the best selling parts in order to protect them from sitting in the yard. That includes parts like the battery and alternator. On a Super Duty, they may even pull the truck bed, as there is an entore secondary market for those used. More advanced salvos will pull the motor and.or transmission. In certain cases they will be rebuilt and resold with a warranty.


If a truck ends up in the yard and it still runs, a salvo may send it to auction. This can be a proftable play for them if they can buy it for the scrap price and auction it for much more. Most trucks that end up at a junkyard don’t run, once it’s prepped it is ready to have parts pulled.

How a Ford Junk Yard is Arranged

In my experience with the Ford Super Duty Salvage yards near me, there is a catch-all Super Duty section. That means a mix of various Super Duty truck editions and years all together. There may even be it’s predessor F-Types, Excursions, and F-150’s mixed in as well. You will find salvage Super Duty trucks running the gambit of years from 1999 to current. You can find all the various models like F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, F-4000. Then all the variations like gas, diesel, and the 3 different cab configurations.

Finding Super Duty Salvage Parts…

Before you go to a junkyard in search of Ford Super Duty salvage parts, you should call ahead. Most places know exactly what they have in the lot, where it is, what condition it’s in. and how picked aprt it is. I will call ahead and ask questions like “Do you have a 6.0 L Power Stroke V8 for an 03 Super Duty”? or “Do you have any 2005 Super Duty truck with the Twin I-Beam front suspension still in tact”?

What Kind of Used Ford Super Duty Salvage Parts Can You Find?

When it comes to finding Ford Super Duty Salvage parts near me, you can pretty much find everything. That includes: doors, hoods, tires, auto glass, intakes, exhausts, truck beds, extended cabs, gas and diesel engines, dashes, seats, ect. More specifically you can aquire motors: 5.4 L Triton V8, 6.8 L Triton V10, 7.3 L Powerstroke V8, 6.0 L Powerstroke V8. Then various tranmissions from 5 and 6 speed manuals to 4 to 5 speed automatics.


The beauty of salvage yards is finding new parts. If you find a brand new truck that go rear ended and totaled, that means the engine parts are still new. You can get huge discounts and almost brand new parts.

Ford Super Duty Salvage Yards Near ME

Ford Super Duty F350

Buying Ford Super Duty Salvage Parts Near Me

Pros of Used Ford Super Duty Truck Parts at a Salvage Yard

The biggest reason to get salvage truck parts is to save money. You can save more then 65% off getting new parts. For example you can find a truck battery under $20 and a 6.8 L Triton V10 for under $500. Truck doors can go for $100 and you can snatch a starter for $30. Another big plus here is we are talking mostly OEM factory installed parts you are pulling, not after market garbage.


Another big reason to shop salvage is it might be your only option. If you have an older model pre 2010 it’s getting harder to source parts. Sometimes you can only find the parts you need at a junkyard or a junkyard warehouse.

Cons of Buying USed Ford Super Duty Salvage Parts

The quality of the part is always the big question. Since the very nature of a Ford Super Duty is too do heavy work, these vehicles may be under more duress. That means the parts have been under duress. You don’t have any idea of what kind of load someone tried pulling with this truck. So not such a big deal if you are pullin a headlight fixture, but more critical if you are pulling an engine or tranny.


To mitigate that risk, you can inquire about a warranty on the parts. Some yards will offer a 30-day exchange or credit if there is an issue with the salvage parts. You may want to consider asking for that option on any mechanical parts. Yards will typically charge a few dollars for an add on warranty. Also before you purchase any part you should inspect it thoroughly both before and after you remove it from the truck.

Resources for Ford Super Duty Trucks

If you are looking for additional resources on Super Duty trucks, try these sites.

Ford Super Duty Salvage Yards Near Me – Wrap Up

A Ford Super Duty junkyard is a great place to save money on used truck parts. While you may not find a yard that deals exclusively in Super Duty, you can find plenty of these American icons at any local salvage yard. It is best to call ahead and see if they have what you need first. Alot of places that don’t have the parts you need, will be able to guide you on where to find them. This is what I have learned from the Ford Super Duty salvage yards near me.