Ford tractor salvage yards are great places to farming equipment. There really aren’t many salvage yards that are exclusive to Ford tractors. Mostly it is tractor salvages that carry Ford tractors and used Ford tractor parts. Many of these Tractor junkyards are in regions of the country where farming is popular. There are few prominent ones in Texas, Ohio, and Louisiana. Below I will discuss how Ford tractor salvage yards near me operate and where to find one close to you.

Map of Ford Tractor Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Ford Tractor Salvage Yards Near Me” or “Ford Tractor Junk Yards Near Me”, see the map below…


As an alternative you can search for “used Ford Tractor parts near me”. Perhaps you need a small engine ford tractor another good option is for “lawn mower salvage yards near me“, which will likely carry Ford ride on tractors.

How Ford Tractor Junk Yards Near Me Work

A Ford Tractor junkyards operates like any small local business. They are like a thrift shop for farming equipment. The public either visits the salvage to pull parts or they request the parts online and have them mailed. Since the used parts are still attached to the equipment it usually takes a few days to get your part pulled and mailed.


The tractor inventory is built though farmers that sell their tractors and through farming equipment auctions. Sometimes the tractor is junked and other times it is just being flipped onto the second hand market. Some salvage tractors are still running and may be sold as is. Others will be set out for parts to be pulled off and sold individually. While not all tractor salvos are up with current technology some are and they sell their used tractors and parts online.

The Best way to Find Used Ford Tractor Salvage Parts

In my experience with the Ford tractor salvage yards near me, the best way to find your parts is online. Going to the salvo is to much of a shot in the dark. There are always quite a few ford tractors in the lot for pick and pull, but the pickin’s is always slim. I’d much rather look online or call my local tractor salvage and ask. You can ask questions like: do you have a 7610 Engine, a 7810 fuel tank, or a 1320 drawbar and hanger.


If you know your model and part it’s much easier online then going directly to a Ford Tractor junkyard.


Ford Tractor Salvage Yards Near Me

Old school Ford Tractor

Used Ford Tractor Salvage Parts Online

There are a few places I like for finding used Ford tractor parts:

They aren’t all the prettiest websites, but damn me if they haven’t had the parts I was looking for when I need’em.

Used Ford Tractor Parts

The Benefits of Used Ford Tractor Parts

The main benefit is saving money and finding parts for a Ford tractor that aren’t produced anymore.


Dealing with a salvage they understand you are getting used parts. So if you are getting a used Ford 7610 Engine 268ci Turbo for example, they will test run it before you buy it. They will also throw a 30 day parts warranty on it for you. Another advantage is that you are getting Ford factory assembled parts, not after market parts of fabricated pieces.

The Drawbacks of Used Ford Tractor Parts

In the 7610 Engine example above the down side is that when you get the engine, it’s only the engine. The steering pump, electric hydraulic pump, and flywheel all need to be purchased and pulled separately. If you need to order any of this online and the parts you want are still in the tractor it may take days to pull and then ship.


Then there is the very nature of used parts, they are old and used. While your engine is covered for 30 days parts like a power assembly, drive shaft, and starter for that same 7610 are not.

Ford Tractor Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Ford Tractor salvage yards are pretty elusive. Normally you find a standard farm equipment supplier or general tractor salvage and look for Fords. In my experience with the Ford tractor salvage yards near me, it’s not worth it to go and pull parts. Its much easier to find them online and order what you need.