Lawn mower salvage yards are the ideal place to acquire used lawn mower parts cheap. These specialized junkyards buy and sell used lawn mowers and sell some of the inventory off as used parts. In this article I will share my experience with the lawn mower salvage yards near me and some general advice on getting used parts.

Map of Lawn Mower Junk Yards Near Me

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Finding Used Lawn Mower Parts at Salvage Yards…

If you are not seeing many results above, you could alternatively search for “used Lawn Mower parts near me” or “tractor salvage yards near me“. Some tractor salvage yards have ride-on lawn mowers in their inventory, but typically these place carry only small engine mowers. Depending on your locale in the country, there may not be many lawn mower junkyards near you and you may have to drive outside your local radius to get to one. I have seen a few exclusive John Deere and Cub Cadet salvage yards, but not very many.


Other vehicle types that you might find at a lawn mower salvo are agriculture, construction, lawn and garden, landscaping and grounds care, snow blowers, golf and sports turf, and forestry vehicles. Mostly ride on mowers, but you will find some other odds and ends.

Operations of Lawn Mower Junk Yards Near Me

Lawn Mower junkyards are locally run businesses that both buy lawn mowers and sell lawn mowers and parts. Some also buy and sell related vehicles like snow blowers and tractors.


Generally they get their inventory from the surrounding community, but sometimes they get lawn mowers sent to them from stores who took in a used lawn mower as a trade in. Some of the mowers will be resold as-is and others might get stripped and resold as used parts. Many of these salvages will not only use the salvage lot to sell mowers and parts, but they will also post them online. You can find their stuff on sites like Craigslist and Ebay in order to mass market their inventory.

How the Lawn Mower Junkyards Near Me Are Arranged

The lawn mower salvage yards near me are a bit of a mess and not well maintained. A good yard will have some degree of order such as types of mowers grouped together. For example a push mower section, a self propelled mower section, and a ride on section. Inside of those sections though don’t expect to see more granularity like all the John Deere’s together and all the Honda’s together. The more organized the yard is, the faster you will find the parts you need.


Some places that have used lawn mower parts near me will completely strip the mowers into parts right in the beginning. This is much better for consumers, because the parts are categorized, tagged, and logged into an inventory management system and kept in a warehouse. The places that do this usually have their parts inventory online, which you can search and order directly or go and pick it up. If the lawn mower junkyard near you, doesn’t have a searchable database, try giving them a call directly.


The last thing you want to do is spend your day wondering around a lawn mower lot for used parts that they don’t even have available.

Inventory Management at the Lawn Mower Savlage Yards Near Me

When a lawn mower arrives at a salvo it first gets some basic maintenance performed. Normally the gas is siphoned, the oil is recycled, and the spark plug(s) are pulled out. If it has a battery, then it may also be pulled out and recharged. Sometimes blades are pulled off, resharpened, and resold.


At this point, some yards take the mower and put it on the lot, others strip it down into parts for individual sale. Whatever is remaining of the lawn mower after all useable parts have been pulled will be sold off for scrap metal. This common practice allows the business to get more value out of the mower and make room for more inventory. This is the way it works for the places that have used lawn mower parts near me and its common practice at other salvages.

The Lawn Mower Salvage Yard Spare Parts Mecca…

While I can’t say for sure Almost Heaven in Indiana is the largest Lawn Mower junkyard in the US, it’s gotta be close. Check out this video showing how MASSIVE and deep their inventory of mowers and tractors is.



If you need a part and can’t find it locally you can try checking with them to see if they have it and can ship it.

Used Lawn Mower Parts Near Me – Pros and Cons

The Benefits Used Lawn Mower Parts Form a Salvage Yard

Saving money on parts is of course the biggest benefits. Whether you are buying re-sharpened blades, a motor, a choke, spark plugs, or a grass bag, you can get any used part really cheap. Some places will even offer the ability to get a warranty on the parts. I would recommend this if you are buying anything you feel is expensive. Buying used mower parts will help you reduce the overall cost of your lawn care.


Additionally you likely find a majority of the parts are manufacturer assembled. Unlike getting after market parts at your local hardware store, here you are getting original parts that were also manufacturer installed. This is much better than getting an after market piece installed by the previous owner, who didn’t put it on right or fabricated it to fit.

The Drawbacks of Used Lawn Mower Parts

When it comes to used parts, quality of the piece is always in question. You never know how the previous owner treated their mower or how many hours the part has logged on it. This is why I advise asking about a warranty if you think the part is expensive. Not all lawn mower junk yards will offer this, but you should at least ask.


Another disadvantage is the lawn mower salvage yard itself. If the lot is not organized into some logical framework, finding what you need can feel impossible. if you are not clear how the lot is arranged try visiting their website or calling ahead. You will save yourself time and headache.

Lawn Mower Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

The best place to get used lawn mower parts is at lawn mower salvage yards. If you don’t have one locally, you may have to drive a bit to visit one. Additionally you can always check online to see if they sell used lawn mower parts for your make and model. Sometimes this is better anyway then dealing with getting lost in a disorganized lot. This is what I have learned from the lawn mower salvage yards near me and saving money on used parts.