Did you know that there are architectural salvage yards that you can pick through to find things for your home? Home salvage yards are businesses where functional pieces of building or homes are stored and resold for res-use. Its like a warehouse of used stuff that you can purchase for cheap. Some home salvage places you walk through and look around like you would at Ikea, others set up architectural salvage stores online. I will share with you how the home salvage yards near me operate.

Map of Home Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Home Salvage Yards Near Me” or “Architectural Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…


Operations of Home Salvage Yards Near Me

House salvage yards serve the recycling industry. They take used items and re-purpose them back into the public for use. Home salvage yards get their merchandise in several ways. Some offer haul away services, for example if you didn’t want your old box TV set anymore they will come get it for a fee, while others haul away from deconstruction sites or buy architectural pieces at auctions. There are some home salvage yards that will buy used furniture, used cabinets, and other items directly from you.


While above denotes how they get the home pieces for salvage there are then two types of business models you will find: Private and non profit. The non profit home salvage yards serve a larger purpose. They earn money for doing haul-aways and then they donate functional pieces to charities like Habitat for Humanity. The money they make is used for their operating expenses. The private industry salvage yards look to acquire used home or building goods for cheap and then resell them at a profit.

Differences Between One Home Salvage and Another…

Some are warehouse style while others are online stores of used home products. If you have never seen one they feel like a mix of somewhere between a Hollywood prop warehouse and a rusty car grave yard. You can find many antiques and relics of the past, which is clutch if you are trying to do a home restoration on an old house. These home salvage yards and stores can help you match pieces from a certain time period.


Many home salvages keep a computerized inventory of all their products and specify brand and year when they can determine it. If you are looking for something specific it is best to call ahead and see if they have it in their inventory. If the home salvage has an online store you can check their as well, although every piece they have may not be featured on their site.

Home Salvage Near Me

Why Buy From House Salvage Yards

When architectural salvage gets incorporated into the design and construction of your home or building you can create a look and feel from a previous era. In addition you can also find pieces that are not antiques and get them for much cheaper than you would a new one. So the three major reasons would be to save money, find a specific piece for a restoration, or to capture the look and feel of another era with a certain product.


I often find these places are great for salvage lumber and reclaimed bricks. You may not find pieces to do an entire floor, but you will find shutters, mantels, pillars, and window frames.


Additionally you are helping the environment. Supporting these businesses diverts these items from your local landfill.

What Can You Find at an Architectural Salvage Store

Home Salvage stores have everything from doors to windows, hardware, plumbing, fire places and mantels, trimming and lighting, floor tiles, and stoves to original architectural fragments. Anything you can imagine in a house or building could be found in an architectural salvage yard or store….after all everything in one of these places was n a home or building at some point.

Disadvantages of Used Home Goods and Furnishings

The downside to a home a salvage yard is that you may buy things that aren’t durable. You have no clue how much a certain piece has been used and if its reaching the end of its life. The only way to combat that is to inspect it thoroughly before purchasing it. In addition unlike new products these don’t come the warranties or guarantees, most of it is sold “as is” and you get what you get. There is a saying in the junk yard business, cheap is expensive…you could spend money now and it will cost you more later.


If you visit a home salvage yard near you, you may not find exactly what you need. You can spend the day walking around and leave empty handed…although you will most like find something because there is so much impressive stuff.

What Does a Real Home Salvage Look Like?…

If you have never been to a home junkyard, then you may not know what to expect. In this video you can really get a sense of the variety of materials you can find.


Home Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Home salvage yards and architectural salvage stores serve a great purpose for the environment. Whether they are private businesses or non profits they still re-purpose products back into the society which reduces waste. Imagine how full your local landfill would be from wrecked homes and buildings if it wasn’t for home salvage yards. I hope you have learned something about home recycling from my experience with the home salvage yards near me.