When it’s time sell old furniture most people think Craigslist is the only option. There are many other ways to turn your furniture into cash. Depending on where you libe you may have some local places who will not only buy your used furniture, but also pick it up. In this article, I’ll share where to sell used furniture both online and in person, how to maximize your return, and insights I’ve learned from the place who buys used furniture near me.

Map of Who Buys Used Furniture Near Me

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Places Who Buy Used Furniture Near Me

Nowadays you can find a lot of different sources to sell second hand furniture. Whether you have a bed, bedroom set, couch, dresser, table, hutch, or even home décor there are plenty of buyers.


In the past you were mostly limited to yard sales and then Craigslist. Now though there are even options to sell broken furniture and even some with heavy wear and tear.


Here are my favorite used furniture buyers and other options for getting rid of old furniture…

Home Salvage Yards

Furniture salvage yards, also called home salvage or architectural salvage yards. These places buy and sell used furniture. Some places even do furniture restoration and may purchase a piece that is broken or has heavy wear and tear.


Furniture salvages in my experience are a great option for a quick sale. You won’t get top dollar though because they need to resell the item for a profit. However, these places can often be a quick transaction. The home salvage who buys used furniture near me, will even send a truck to pick up your items.


If you want to get the most money from a furniture salvage, your item will need to be in good condition, and would be even better if it was rare or antique.

Furniture Consignment Store

A furniture consignment store is a sort of like a thrift shop that deals in used furniture. For them to buy your furniture though it will need to be in great like new condition. There are some exceptions for antiques, where the age is considered a factor. They also don’t except anything that may have been in a house with someone who smokes.


The furniture consignment store near me, carefully inspects each item, before agreeing to a consignment offer. To sell them used furniture you must provide digital photographs and basic information like the age, brand, condition, dimension, purchase price (with proof if you have it), and how long you would like to consign it for.


For these stores you are responsible for getting your furniture to them. That means you can either bring it yourself or pay someone to deliver it for you. Either way it is at your own cost.


As far as how much you can make doing furniture consignment, most shops generally give you 50% of the final sale price. A standard consignment agreement is usually about 90 days. While you might be thinking 50% is a lot, they do all the marketing and have a larger reach of buyers then you do.

Auction Houses

Auction Houses do not buy your furniture themselves, but instead provide you a means to have your items sold at auction.


If you have used furniture, you can call an auction house and get an estimate on what your items may sell for at auction. The good news is that you may get more for your used furniture then you thought. You can also request a reserved auction in which your furniture does not sell below a certain price.


Doing a furniture auction does come with cost. You will need to pay a percentage to an auction house of at least 35% – 50% of the final hammer price. Also you will need to pay to have your furniture shipped to the auction house.

Online Classified Ad Sites and Market Places

Using an online classified site or market place you are the direct seller, which means you can get the most money. This is often the best first option for selling used furniture. Typically this option is best for working items in good condition.


The downside is that since you are the seller you have to deal with the public and buyers who want to haggle over price. You may also find a buyer out of your area who wants you to ship the item. The good news you have control on how you want to work that out.


Here are a list of classified ad sites and market places that are popular for selling used furniture near me:


How To Sell Used Furniture Online for The Most Money?

If you are serious about trying to sell used furniture online, then you need to have a little marketing savvy…

  1. Write a good and accurate description include the color, brand, and model.
  2. Take really good pictures of the furniture from varying angles and directions.
  3. Consider including measurements in the description.
  4. Set a fair price and the terms such as “you must be able to pick it up”.
  5. Think full disclosure such as any damage or defects you are aware of.

Other Options to Get Rid of Old Furniture Near Me

While the options above can bring you in money, these below are options for getting rid of furniture without taking it to the landfill. While you might not care about that, the advantage you can get with charity is that you may get a tax write off.

Donate Used Furniture to Charity

Donating to charity serves two purposes:

  1. You can get a receipt and use it as a tax write-off.
  2. It will be given to someone who really needs it.

Here is the thing with charity though, they don’t want your garbage. Charities like Good Will and the Salvation Army will reject furniture with stains or too much wear and tear. When you think of donating to charity think of the condition required as “gently used”.


There are charities like  Big Brothers and Big Sisters that will come pick up your stuff. They send a truck to your house and may even help you carry it out. Once they have it they will find a home for it or restore it and resell it to the public. If they resell it, they will use the money for their administrative overhead since these companies are non-profits.


A charity I like for used furniture still in good condition is Habitat for Humanity. Same as mentioned above though the condition must be decent and reusable. One of the best ones is called Restore, which is run by Habitat for Humanity. It may even be possible for them to send a truck and come pick it up.

Last Resort is to Pay for Removal

If you can’t find a place who buys used furniture near you, and are desperate to get rid of it, you could consider a junk removal company. These places will come get your old furniture, but they will charge you for taking it.


The good news is that they will send a truck and people to carry your furniture out of its location. Most junk removal companies will charge you for the amount of square footage your items occupy of the truck. Being that furniture are often large pieces, fees can be about $50 for just one item.


You should also know that sometimes these places will resell your stuff after they pick it up.

What Not To Do With Used Furniture 

What you should not do with your used furniture is take it to a dump or landfill. While these places will take your items in junk condition, it is not a good option for the environment. Many used furniture pieces contain paints, finishing, fabrics, metals, and chemicals that take a long time to biodegrade. 


When you decide to find an option to sell your used furniture you are supporting the recycling industry. Items that are reused, recycled, restored, refurbished, or upcycled reduce waste and energy. Essentially less products need to be made and natural resources are spared. 

How Much Money Can I Get For Selling Used Furniture Near Me?

The amount you can get will depend on the above buyer option you choose, the condition, and what type of used furniture you have. A bedroom set with a king size bed is going to fetch more then an Ikea dresser. If you are trying sell an old mattress with stains, you need to have realistic expectations.


Setting used furniture at a price to sell is also often the best way to sell it quickly. Remember when you set a price you shouldn’t add your sentimental value to it. Overall though the condition and the brand will matter. If it is newer piece still in good condition you could get 50% of the original price. For older items you can probably expect 25% of the original price or less. The home salvage who buys used furniture near me, usually offers about 30% of the original value, but you can negotiate up.

Who Buys Used Furniture Near Me

What Kind Of Second Hand Furniture Can I Sell

Here are some ideas of what you can sell:

  • Couches
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Tv Stands
  • Shelving Units
  • Desks
  • Book Shelves
  • Dressers
  • Night Stands
  • Bed Frames
  • Counter Tops

If you are looking to sell old appliances, read this.

Does the Place Who Buys Used Furniture Near Me Do Pick Up?

This really depends on the buyer. Home salvages are one of the few buyers that I have seen pick up used furniture, aside from private buyers. For the most part you should expect to have to deliver or ship your furniture after a sale. The place who buys used furniture near me will only send a truck if you have something special or antique.


If you are donating your item to charity though, you may be more likely to find someone to come and get it. If that’s the case though you should be prepared to help them carry the furniture and load it into a truck.

Who Buys Used Furniture Near Me – Wrap Up

For where to sell used furnishings your options come down to home salvage, consignment shops, auction houses, or selling it yourself. The general rule of thumb is that if it is in great condition you should try and sell it yourself first. That will get you the most money. If you have something antique or rare an auction house or consignment are your next best options.


You must remember when pricing your items that furniture nowadays is affordable, think Ikea. So buyers have choice for inexpensive furnishings. So set fair prices and be willing to have some flexibility.


Ideally you want to keep your junk out of the landfill. That should always be the last option as that is the worst choice for the environment. These are the things I learned from the place who buys used furniture near me.