Jet ski salvages are a great find if you have one close. There is no better place for cheaper parts on your jet ski, sea-doo, or wave runner. These yards, while few and far between, have salvage jet ski’s that you can pull parts from. If you don’t have one of these yards near you, there are other options for used jet ski parts. Below I will discuss how the jet ski salvage yards near me work, where to find one, and other options for finding used parts.

Map of Jet Ski Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Jet Ski Junkyards Near Me” or “Jet Ski Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…

How Jet Ski Salvage Yards Near Me Operate

Jet ski salvages run like any other local business or any other general junkyard. They just deal in jet ski’s, wave runners, sea-doo’s, and other small personal water crafts. Each salvo operates slightly different in terms of how they handle their inventory. Some jet ski junkyards put them out in the lot for you to pick through or buy a whole vehicle and some dismantle the machines and sell the parts online or in a storefront. Some marine salvages are actually labeled as sea craft repair shops and while they do fix small water craft, they also sell salvaged jet ski’s and parts.


All the watercraft they have comes from a few different sources. Private owners who junk their vehicle, commercial companies who rent jet ski’s and junk them, insurance companies who have a “totaled” water craft, and sometimes from auction. Some salvo’s actually have contracts with commercial rental places to get their retired vehicles so they can sell them for parts or as salvage.

What Happens When Salvaged Water Craft Arrives at the Junkyard

Regardless of the vehicle type, if it has a motor in it, it needs to be processed before it can be salvaged. This includes draining the fluids like gas and oil. They need to be handled according to state recycling laws.


Next some places, for marine craft that doesn’t run, starts pulling parts off to resell. These are usually the parts that are more expensive because the corrode and rust the fastest when left sitting outside in the lot. If the vehicle does run, they may try and do necessary repairs and flip it with a salvage title or sell it a marine auction.

Salvage Yards That Buy Boat Jet Ski’s, Wave Runner’s, and Sea-Doo’s

The jet ski salvage yards near me, buy used jet ski’s and other personal water craft in pretty much any condition. You are not going to get much for it. They aren’t willing to pay because unlike, a car junkyard, these marine vehicles, don’t even have scrap metal value. It is literally the motor, the motor components like the intake and exhaust systems, some steering mechanics, and that’s it.


If you have a place that will take your junked jet ski, they will need some basic questions answered, They will want to know year, make, and model, as well as if it is in working condition. Watercraft that runs is worth much more then one that doesn’t. If you are negotiating a sale on the phone you may be asked to provide pictures via email. In addition to figuring out the sale price, you need to figure out how to deliver the vehicle.


Jet Ski Salvage Yards Near Me

Jet Ski Salvage located in Pinellas Park Florida

What to Expect In Terms of Brands and Quality

For brands you pretty much see the classics: Yamaha Wave Runners, Sea-Doo Sparks, and Kawasaki Jet Ski’s. There are some other smaller brands and different models you will find.


Quality is another story. You can have a brand new jet ski salvaged because it was hit by a boat or you can have an old one with 1000’s of hours on it retired by a rental place. Every piece of water craft in the salvo will have a different history and story behind it.


Some of these yards, are not just wave runners, jet ski’s and sparks either. Some will have small boats (under 13 ft), outboard boat motors, and even UTV’s or ATV’s for salvage.

Advantage Buying Used Jet Ski Parts

The main reason to get used jet ski parts is to save money. You are also likely going to get manufacturer assembled parts, not after market or prefabricated parts.

Disadvantages of Buying Used Jet ski Parts

The quality of the part might not be what you hoped. You don’t know how much of a beating the engine and other parts have on them. How long did this vehicle live in the water, was it winterized, or did it fall off a truck? Getting parts is always a risk, cause unlike most auto salvages, jet ski junkyards don’t do warranties unless you are getting the entire engine.

Jet Ski Salvage Yards Near Me – Conclusion

These salvo’s are obviously really hard to find. The closer you are to water the more likely you will see one, but even then….


So where else in my junk yarding have I come across personal water craft vehicles? You can check boat salvages, ATV salvages, and UTV salvages. I would advise calling ahead to see if they have any small marine water craft on the lot. If you are in a pinch you can also ask your local marina if they know of any jet ski salvos in the area. This is what I have learned from the Jet Ski salvage yards near me.