ATV salvage yards are great places to get cheap parts for any style of all terrain vehicles. These salvage yards are where ATV’s go to be discarded after they are in poor condition, inoperable, or in an accident. You can go to these salvos and remove the parts you need and only purchase the parts you remove. Below, I will share with you my experience with the ATV salvage yards near me as well as some tips and advice for both buying and selling to junk yards.

Map of ATV Junk Yards Near Me

For “ATV Salvage Yards Near Me” or “ATV Junk Yards Near Me”, see the map below…


If you are not seeing many results, you could alternatively search for “used ATV parts near me” or “UTV salvage yards near me“. Another good way to search is by the type of vehicle you have and then “salvage yards near me”. For example “Quad salvage yards near me”, “dune buggy salvage yards near me, or “Trike salvage yards near me”. All of these types of vehicles can be found in an ATV junkyard. If you are looking for motorcycles, you can also try our article here.

Operations of ATV Junk Yards

junkyards are locally run businesses. They are like mom and pop style thrift shops, in that they both buy and sell. When they buy ATV’s of any kind they come from either the public, insurance companies, or the police. When they sell, they either sell the ATV for parts or sometimes sell the vehicle as a whole. The ATV junkyards near me, mostly get vehicles from the surrounding community.

How do All Terrain Vehicles End Up In The Junkyard

Vehicles coming from the public can be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes its that the owner is looking for quick cash, other times its because the vehicle is damaged and the cost of repairs is more than the vehicle is worth. I’ve seen people get rid of ATV’s at junkyards simply because there community guidelines permit them from having unused vehicles in their yard.


All Terrain Vehicles coming from insurance companies or police are usually because of an accident. If an ATV is insured and in an accident the insurance company will sell the vehicle to an ATV salvo to offset paying out a claim. When an ATV comes from the police, its either because it was in an accident and uninsured or the vehicle was impounded.

What types of ATV’s Will I Find at a Salvage Yard

ATV’s are also known as quad, quad bike, four-wheeler, or quadricycle is any vehicle that travels on four tires with handlebars as the steering input. Some people also call them UTV’s which stands for Utility Task Vehicle or Utility Terrain Vehicle. Both ATV’s and UTV’s  come in many varieties from Sport to Utility style. At the ATV salvage yards near me they don’t just carry four wheel vehicles, they also have trikes, dirt bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and even a few go karts, buggies, and golf karts.


If you are looking for something off the beaten path like a Slingshot, an ATV salvage yard may be worth a look or at least a phone call if you need parts. These places sometimes are like odds and ends for hard to categorize vehicle types.


Some of these places specialize a bit more then others. For example I have Polaris salvage yards near me and Honda ATV salvage yards near me. These places do have some other brands on their lots, but each one focuses more specifically on one brand. So the Polaris yard is the ideal spot specifically for salvage Polaris parts. If you have a Polaris ATV or UTV to sell you can get a slightly higher offer their then a typical ATV salvo. This is because their consumers are much more niche.

ATV Salvage Yards Near Me

How the ATV Junkyards Near Me Arranged

ATV salvos tend to be laid out in rows by vehicle category, unlike a car junkyard where the cars get stacked up. The ATV junk yard near me is in loosely grouped together such in sections like quads, motorcycles, trikes, etc. Inside of each section though its usually a mix of manufacturers. So you normally wont see a Polaris, Honda, or Yamaha section…instead all of these brands will be mixed together as long as the vehicle type is similar. The ATV junkyard near you may be laid out different, but I would imagine it will follow this sort of structure.


Finding what you are looking for can be difficult on any of these yards. A well managed salvo will maintain an online searchable database of its inventory. This lets you search the yard online to see if they have the vehicle make, model, and year that you need. If the ATV salvage yard near you, doesn’t have a searchable database, try giving them a call. You can ask questions like “do you have a rear axle for a Polaris Sportsman 450 HO”? or “do you have any Yamaha Raptor 700’s on the lot and if so what condition are they in”?


The more you know up front the better your ATV part scavenging experience is going to be. Salvages that lack logic organization can be huge wastes of time.

How is The Inventory Managed

When an all-terrain vehicle comes to the lot it may have some basic prep work done first. Often the the gas gets siphoned for resale and the oil gets drained and recycled. In some instances the battery will be pulled out and recharged. After basic prep the vehicle hits the lot.


Once a vehicle has been picked apart, what remains is sold for scrap metal. this serves two purposes. First it allows the salvage yard to squeeze a bit more cash out of the vehicle. Second it creates more space on the lot for new inventory.

Used ATV Parts Near Me | The Pros and Cons

USed ATV Parts Cheap

The Benefits Used ATV Parts

First and foremost the biggest benefit is saving money on parts. Many of the ATV parts near me are in good enough conditionand you can get them cheap. Just because an ATV was in an accident or was junked it doesn’t mean that there isn’t still life left in some pieces.


The option to buy a warranty is also a great perk. Not all ATV salvos offer this, but its worth asking about. You can usually get a warranty for between $8 to $12 per part. This should get you about 30 days to make sure the parts still works. If you think a part is expensive, I would highly recommend the purchasing of a warranty.


Another great benefit is that you may find manufacturer assembled parts. For example if you are looking for a steering column for a Polaris, you will likely find a Polaris with an original Polaris steering column. Sure there are times you will find after market parts, but a majority of them will be manufacturer assembled and installed.


For a list of tools I carry to scavenge for parts, click here.

The Drawbacks of Cheap ATV Parts

Quality is always the biggest question mark when it comes to used ATV parts near me. A thorough visual inspection or even a test of the part doesn’t guarantee it’s lifespan. Remember these are ATV’s, they were 100% beat on by the previous owner. To mitigate the risk of purchasing low quality parts or parts that have seen there better days passed, ask if the junkyard has a warranty.


Another disadvantage is the salvage yard itself. The ATV salvage yards near me or pretty large and you can spend all day walking around and never get the used ATV parts you need. To bypass this issue, see if they have a website or online database with their inventory. If not you can also try calling ahead before you visit.

Can You Bring an ATV Back From the Dead?….

In this short video, these guys find an old Honda Recon 250, evaluate it and buy it. For as bad as it may look, in a later video in the series, they get this thing running. You never know what you can find and salvage…


Selling Your ATV to Salvage Yards

If you have an ATV you are considering junking, then you should do the following first:

  • Remove all of your personal belongings ATV
  • Return the license plates yourself to DMV (if it has plates)
  • Cancel your registration and insurance (if it is insured)
  • If you have a full tank of gasoline siphon it and keep it
  • Find your title because you will need it to sell your ATV

Additionally you should know the general value of the vehicle and be prepared to be honest about its condition. When you are dropping it off and you say it runs, be prepared because they may try and start it. If it doesn’t run, you have lost all of your negotiating leverage on the price.

ATV Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

You will not find ATV parts near me cheaper than a specialized ATV junkyard. Its not only great to save money, but you will find a wide variety of mostly manufacturer assembled parts. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of these salvos around, so if you have one nearby, you should take advantage of it. Even better if you have one that deals in your brand like I have a local Polaris ATV salvage and a Honda ATV salvage nearby. This is what I have learned from the ATV salvage yards near me. Best of luck getting cheap parts and happy off-roading!