5 Most Popular Junkyard Auto Parts to Pull

Globally, there are 1.4 billion cars in circulation – a number that is just bound to increase! However, all cars, even the best-manufactured ones, have an expiration date. And, what happens to older, wrecked, damaged, or outdated cars? They end up in junkyards! While the cars themselves might not be of great use to drivers looking for a driveable car, they are still made of valuable parts and materials. Junkyard auto parts are a great way to save money and help sustain a healthy environment.

If you know how to recognize the most valuable pieces in a salvage yard, you can upgrade your car, repair an older vehicle, give an extra accessory to a bike, or extend the life of your commercial van. Instead of buying car parts from the manufacturer at super high prices, parts from used cars in a junkyard can offer you all you need at a fraction of the price. Learn about the ones you should not let go of once you have found them!

5 Most Popular Junkyard Auto Parts to Pull


Batteries are among the most expensive parts of a car – given their frequency of replacement. Automotive batteries represent one of the most recycled products in the US, and there are plenty of uses for old car batteries. While an older battery might not give you the reliability you need, it is the perfect option for a cheap replacement if you get stuck on a road trip or work-related journey. Keep it in the car to always have a backup at hand!

Tires, Rims, and Wheels

Finding tires at a salvage yard can help you cut down on the cost of your tires and help you freshen up the often-forgotten spare tire that you should keep in the car. Today, over 80% of tires are reused and recycled and, since they represent an environmentally damaging product, it is important to make the most of older models. 

Salvage yards are the perfect place to find affordable used tires! In fact, the cars that are a junkyard might be extremely old, but not all the tires on them have been on the road for 15,000 miles! Just make sure you know what tires your vehicle needs!

Similarly to tires, wheels can be a great find. In fact, it is not uncommon to see damaged and bumpy wheels on older vehicles that have been dealing with curb hits and road potholes and obstacles. New wheels can help you save hundreds of dollars and freshen up the look of your current car. 

Mirrors and Bumpers

If you have a newer car, you will be taking the best care of it, making sure you won’t need to deal with damages where you park or where you drive. However, there are some parts of a vehicle that is more often exposed to the elements and more prone to damages. These include mirrors and bumpers. 

When visiting a junkyard, make sure you bring home some new models for your car! Mirrors and bumpers can be expensive to replace, but they are vital for driving safety. 

At a salvage yard, you are bound to find modern models that fit your requirements at a fraction of the original price. Similarly, bumpers protect your car’s body and allow you to drive without having to worry too much about the car’s safety. Nonetheless, they can be subjected to plenty of wear and tear – it never hurts to have a bumper to spare!

Car Radios and GPS

Do you have an older car but you don’t want to miss out on the benefits of a more modern car radio and GPS system? At a junkyard, you can find a car stereo and console for a very limited budget and substitute your current one for a newer and upgraded model. 

Additionally, if you are visiting a local salvage yard with plenty of car options, you can find a car stereo with exclusive features such as an MP3 player connection, CD player, Bluetooth, GPS, and phone connectivity. 

Generally, computer-based devices in cars are some of the most valuable parts of a car, and if you can find the perfect one for your vehicle, you should not let it go. However, before committing to a purchase, make sure you verify the compatibility with your vehicle. 


Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident. However, if you often drive through your town’s roads, it is possible for some other drivers to cause damage to your vehicle. And, often this happens on the doors. Luckily, you can replace the doors of your vehicles for cheap at a salvage yard and make sure your car looks new – on a budget!

Alternatively, if you have an older vehicle that needs a door replacement, finding the right door at a junkyard can be a temporary measure that allows you to keep driving your current car without having to invest in a costly replacement. 

Pulling to Sell The Parts Online

Some people people parts not for personal use, but to sell them online. Its call auto part flipping and it’s on the rise with Ebay, Facebook Market Place, and other online market places. There are certain parts that sell better then others. Knowing how to price the parts and market them to an audience is a key this side hustle. The parts listed above are certainly on the list, but there are other like catalytic converters which are priced really high on the secondary market.

Junkyard Auto Parts Bottom Line

There are a lot of great junkyard auto parts aside from the 5 most popular we listed above. Transmissions and motors are also great finds. Getting used parts is a great way to save money and get parts that can last a long time. Just be sure to thoroughly inspect the auto parts before leaving the junkyard. If the parts are mechanical you can also ask about purchasing a 30 day warranty to make sure you are covered if the parts do not work as intended.

For tips on How to pull parts, read our guidance here.


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