The Stained Glass Market is forecast to reach $3.22 billion by 2025. The growth of interior decorating is driving the market upwards and there has been a great focus rediscovered on stained glass. Reclaimed stained glass windows offer a great opportunity to bring one-of-a-kind architectural salvage into your décor. Where do you find old stained glass windows though? In this article, I will discuss places you can find them and share my experience with the places that sell reclaimed stained glass windows near me.

Map of Reclaimed Stained Glass Windows Near Me

For “Reclaimed Stained Glass Windows Near Me”, see the map below…

There are 3 solid sources for where I find reclaimed stained glass windows near me. Window salvage yards, Home salvage yards (also called architectural salvage yards), and some online stores.

How Window Salvage Yards and Home Salvage Yards Work

Window salvage yards are a sub-niche of home salvage. These businesses collect and buy old furnishings and windows. They then resell them for a profit. They are part of the glass recycling industry because they divert junk from landfills.

The business model these store types run on is similar to a thrift shop. They may take donations and pick up collections. Imagine for example a depreciated church being demolished. They may strike a deal to collect the stained glass windows in order to refurbish or resell them. In this instance, they get their glass by providing a haul away service.

Once they get their stained glass collected, they may handle each piece differently. Some will be sold as is and some may be refurbished. Each business behaves a bit differently as well. The place that sells reclaimed stained glass near me has a storefront and posts each piece for sale online. Some businesses just have a storefront, others are online only.

If you have reclaimed stained glass you want to sell it, some may buy it from you. You can either go to the store and ask or send them an email. In my experience, you can sell reclaimed stained glass, but they won’t offer you a lot unless the piece has a good story.

Reclaimed Stainless Glass Windows Near Me

What Kind of Reclaimed Windows Can You Find?

When embarking on a search for reclaimed windows, you’ll discover a captivating array of options in various categories. Among these treasures are antique stained glass windows, hailing from centuries past, adorned with intricate designs that tell stories of craftsmanship and artistry.

Their wide range of widths and lengths ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your project, whether it’s for an upper-level transom or a ground-level display.

Belgium windows, for example, are renowned for their rich architectural history and offer a particular charm in the form of reclaimed windows that bear witness to the country’s unique design heritage. Whether you’re seeking historical character or timeless elegance, these reclaimed windows offer a glimpse into the past and a touch of sophistication for your contemporary design needs.

Every place is different and some specialize. For example, focuses on 18th, 19th, and early 20th-century restoration pieces. While other stores don’t have such a narrow focus.

You can find a variety of window types at these places from stained glass from churches including leaded and stained or patterned. Other window types as well such as old Victorian, barn, double hung, single hung, sash, beveled, rambler style, and antique glass.

What Kind of Reclaimed Windows Can You Find

How to Find a Piece That Speaks To You…

Finding the right piece is a very individual experience. Something I like, may not be something you like. Aside from personal preference, there are other requirements to consider such as size, height, weight, glass type, and overall aesthetic in the environment it is going.

Visiting a window salvage is a fun experience. Walking around is one of the best ways to discover new items. Looking online means covering more ground, but finding something in person is a better way to assess the fitment. With that being said the best option is a combination of both. Look online, find a piece, call them, and ask for more details. If you can see it in person great, if you can’t see if there is any return policy or guarantees before having it shipped.

Places to Find Reclaimed Stained Glass Near Me

Here is a list of places that you can try for reclaimed stained glass.

  • Home Salvage Yards
  • Antique Shops
  • Garage Sales
  • Window and Glass Replacement Businesses
  • Craigslist and Ebay
  • Facebook Garage Sales Pages
  • Etsy
  • Online Architectural Salvage Yards

A Few Sites I Particularly Like:

Places to Find Reclaimed Stained Glass Near Me

Why Buy Reclaimed Stained Glass Windows?

Stained glass is beautiful when restored. Finding an old antique piece can also be a huge conversation piece when placed in the right settings.

One of the standout features I love about old windows in general is that they come in so many interesting sizes, shapes, and designs. Back in the day stained glass windows were built for beauty and not functionality. It was simply aesthetic in purpose in shapes like panned windows, arches over doors, and double arches inside of frames. Coloring and beveling were also great antique characteristics.

What to Look For When Buying Reclaimed Stained Glass Windows

When buying reclaimed stained glass, quality is the first thing you should look for. What is the condition of the glass? What is the condition of the frame? Is the frame painted with lead paint?

When purchasing you should ask questions about the story behind where the glass came from. Sometimes it’s the story of the glass that gives it a deeper value. When you purchase it get an idea of the time period and the construction it came from.

You also need to consider the TOTAL COST. If you are buying a piece to refurbish and restore how much time and money do you need to put into it?

What to Look For When Buying Reclaimed Stained Glass Windows

Prices Can Be An Eye Opening…

So you may be thinking how much could old stained glass be? Expensive is the answer. The condition, size, age, and window type all will impact the price. You may even find the origin impacts price. For example, imagine what an old stained glass window from the Vatican might sell for. I’ve seen plenty of old antique refurbished stained glass near me going for over $2K.

Reclaimed Stained Glass Windows- Conclusion

There is nothing like an old piece of stained glass. They can really set off a room and strike up a great conversation. Finding the best place near you shouldn’t be hard as there are hundreds of home salvage yards across the US. For any project though you need to consider your budget and understand how much time and money you may need to still invest. Shopping around is fun, but can be time-consuming if you don’t know what you are looking for. A mix of online shopping and visiting stores is the best strategy. This is what I have learned from the places that deal in reclaimed stained glass near me.

FAQ: Reclaimed Stained Glass Windows

Where can I find reclaimed stained glass windows near me?

You can typically find reclaimed stained glass windows at antique shops, salvage yards, architectural salvage stores, or even online marketplaces. To narrow down your search, use online directories or search engines to find local suppliers in your area.

What are the dimensions of reclaimed stained glass windows?

The dimensions of reclaimed stained glass windows can vary significantly. The width and length depend on the specific design and the window’s original purpose. Some may be relatively small, like 12 inches by 12 inches, while others can be much larger, spanning several feet in both width and length. It’s important to measure the space where you intend to install the window to ensure a proper fit.

How can I determine the appropriate width and length for my reclaimed stained glass window?

To determine the right size for your stained glass window, measure the space where you plan to install it. Make sure to consider any architectural constraints, such as window frames, sills, or other elements that could affect the window’s dimensions. Additionally, consider the visual balance of the space, as the size of the window should complement the room’s overall aesthetics.

Can I request custom dimensions for a reclaimed stained glass window?

Many artisans and stained glass studios offer custom sizing options. You can discuss your specific requirements, including width and length, with these professionals. They can create a stained glass window tailored to your needs, whether it’s for a unique architectural feature or as a replacement for an existing window.

Are reclaimed stained glass windows available in standard sizes?

While some reclaimed stained glass windows may come in standard sizes, it’s more common to find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces due to their antique and reclaimed nature. If you have specific size requirements, you may need to explore custom options.

How do I care for a reclaimed stained glass window in terms of its dimensions?

Proper care involves ensuring that the window fits securely within its frame, with no undue pressure on the glass. Regularly inspect the frame and any supporting structures to maintain the window’s stability.


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