If you’re searching for a Tesla junkyard to save money on Tesla parts, they may be the ideal answer. These junkyards provide used and damaged car components at significant discounts, allowing you to get the parts you need cheaper than OEM. Below I’ll discuss how the Tesla junk yards near me work and share my experiences with them at junkyards.

Map of Tesla Junk Yards Near Me

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How Do the Tesla Junk Yards Near Me Work

These businesses are like your average local thrift shop, but they deal in used car parts. Salvage yards play a crucial role in the vehicle recycling industry. While a majority of what you find are gas-powered vehicles, we are starting to see an increase in EVs, which include Teslas.


These companies source their inventory from many places before dismantling them for resale. Their buy cheap, sell high business model enables them to make a profit off of individual vehicle components. For Teslas, people are mostly salvaging batteries and computers if your lucky enough to find ones that still work.

How Does a Tesla End Up at a Salvage Yard

Junkyards that sell salvage vehicles or offer pull-a-part get their inventory generally from three places: the public, insurance companies, and salvage auctions. There are other means like police impounds and business liquidations.


Publicly-owned Teslas are often in bad condition and not running. In my experience looking at junked Teslas the majority of the time, it’s a major battery issue (like it won’t hold a charge anymore) or a major computer issue. Both of these issues are very difficult and potentially expensive to solve. A battery replacement with labor can cost $15,000 in some models.


EVs from insurance companies have usually been in accidents and have significant exterior damage, which caused the insurance company to issue a total loss claim. Electric vehicles sourced from auctions are usually from police, salvage, impound or repo auctions.

How Salvage Yards Process Electric Vehicles

Traditional gas-powered vehicles have slightly different environmental protocols than EVs. This is because they contain more harmful chemicals like oil and gas. Still, any EV needs some level of processing to both protect the environment and help the salvage maximize its profit.


An EV battery poses an environmental risk of leaking. Therefore it needs to be pulled out before the vehicle is sent to the lot. If the battery is still working, this is a hot item for an EV junkyard to resell. The same goes for the vehicle’s computer system. Once those two core components are addressed, what’s left of the vehicle gets put to the yard for parts pulling.

How The Tesla Junk Yard Near Me is Set Up

To save time (and your patience), look for an auto salvage yard that is organized by brand and vehicle size. If you can’t find what you’re looking for easily, chances are you’ll be there all day. Most yards don’t have a dedicated EV or tesla section as of yet. More than likely you will find them grouped with other vehicles of a similar size.


Here is a list of some of the common types of Tesla vehicles you can find in an auto salvage yard:

  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Model 3
  • Tesla Model X
  • Tesla Model Y

Given the price point of a Tesla, they are hot items in a junkyard and while I am starting to see some, they are still hard to find. I have yet to see a Tesla Roadster, so finding used Tesla parts for those might be difficult. A majority of what I see are Teslas from about 2012 on, with most of the being more current models which have been in major accidents.

Calling Ahead or Searching Online for Used Tesla Parts

You can find used Tesla parts at salvage yards, but your best bet is still to look online first. Some yards will have their junked inventory database online. By searching online, you can quickly check whether the Tesla part you need is available from a salvage company.


To save yourself the time you can also call ahead. You can ask questions like: “Do you have a driver-side door for a 2019 tesla model 3”? The downside to salvaging Tesla parts is they are a newer manufacturer and independent. That means parts can be hard to find and you won’t find part part compatibility between related makes and models.


Tesla Junk Yards Near Me

What Kind of Used Tesla Parts Can You Find at a Salvage Yard

Anything is possible at a scrap yard. There are plenty of Teslas and EVs with in-tact doors, hoods, dashboards, steering wheels, after-market components, seats, and windshields. You can often find parts for brand new vehicles. For example, I saw a 2022 tesla Model Y with a mangled backend, but the entire front end from the front doors up was perfect.


To get a beat on when new Evs get to a salvage so you can pull parts before everyone else, you can check to see if the salvo has a text or email alert system.

What Happens After an EV Has its Valuable Parts Pulled

The entire automobile is taken apart and sold to a scrap metal business. Because the waste materials from this automobile may be more valuable than the car itself, it makes money for the yard by selling the remains and provides room on the lot for additional junked vehicles. This isn’t done by all yards, but a well-kept salvo does this every four to six months.

Be Aware of Tesla’s Salvage Policy

Before you decide to buy a salvage tesla, you should be aware they have a specific warranty policy for their vehicles:


“Tesla does not warrant the safety or operability of salvaged vehicles. Repairs performed to bring a salvaged vehicle back into service may not meet Tesla standards or specifications and that is why the vehicle is unsupported. Consequently, any failures, damages, or injuries occurring as a result of such repairs or continued operation of an unsupported vehicle are solely the responsibility of the vehicle owner.”


This also included using charging stations!! However, currently that charging policy has been revoked.

Buying Used Tesla Parts at Junk Yards

Pros of Buying Used Tesla Parts at a Salvage Yard

Junkyards are a mecca for finding affordable parts. Tesla parts like doors cost $50, headlamps $20, and body panels between $30 and $75. You can also consider buying junkyard parts and selling them to other Tesla owners on Ebay motors.


You will find that many of the parts are original, made, manufactured, and assembled by Tesla. This is significantly superior to purchasing after-market components that may or may not fit your car properly.

Cons of Buying Salvage Tesla Parts Cheap

When purchasing used components to save money, you might be concerned about quality. However, even if the part looks good or the vehicle it was taken from is in excellent shape, you can’t be certain.


Some salvos may have warranties on parts, but this may not apply to EVs.


Another thing to keep in mind is the condition of the auto salvage. If it’s a total mess, it’ll be tough to find what you’re looking for. Even if they have what you need, you might not be able to tell by looking at it. To avoid this frustration, give them a call before going over there. That way you can ask about their organization and decide if it’s worth your time.

Tips For Junking a Tesla

If you’re considering junking your Tesla, there are a few things you can do with it. You can dispose of it, repair it, or sell off the parts. Before you junk it though consider the following:


  • Check everywhere in the car for anything that might have fallen out, such as the console, seat flaps, trunk, glove box, and other places.
  • Personal data such as addresses and phone numbers should be removed from the internal computer. There is a potential for identity theft since these vehicles are just giant computers.
  • Auto insurance, state registration, and license plates should be canceled in advance by you. A junkyard will charge you an administrative fee to do this, which eats into your bottom line.
  • Before you negotiate a junk price, understand the worth of your Tesla.

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Tesla Junk Yards Near Me – Wrap Up

If you’re in the market for used tesla parts, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Salvage yards can be a great place to find affordable parts, but it’s important to understand the pros and cons before making a purchase. Be sure to do your research and call ahead to avoid frustration. While you are still not going to find tons of EVs just yet at salvage yards, they are growing slowly over time. This is what I have learned from the Tesla junk yards near me.