Pricing Used Auto Parts to Sell Online

When looking to sell auto parts, you must understand that there are plenty of ways it can be done. The goal is, of course, to get the most possible money and ensure that the entire process is as smooth as possible. Reaching the highest possible value is pretty paramount here. Nobody wants to feel as though they’ve been short-changed when selling goods. 


Many markets out there will offer a fair value for used parts, but there will obviously be a few out there that will look for the cheapest possible alternative. This is why you must conduct a little market research and understand a few important points before committing to a sale. Here, we’re going to discuss a few points you must consider when pricing used auto parts to sell.


Find Used Auto Parts to Sell

Of course, if you already have parts to hand that have been in your possession for years, you won’t have to worry about picking any new items up. If you are hoping to buy in the hope of selling on, then you may not understand where this can take place. The best place is typically from automotive salvage yards. They allow you to pull the parts yourself and are usually cheaper because you tend to do all of the work.


In this day and age, salvage yards allow you to see what cars are out there and what cars are being planned. You can find your nearest yard online, so it’s a nice, easy process. 


So, without further ado, here are a few points to think about when looking at pricing:

Tips for Pricing Your Used Auto Parts To Sell Online

Do Market Research and Find Comp Value Auto Parts

The first thing I like to do is look for comps. This is the same way you would approach pricing your home. You look at what other homes are going for in your area to get a ball park number. For auto parts a good place to do this is Ebay Motors. You can look to see how much other people are selling the same used auto part for. If you have a hard to find part from a antique car that someone may want for an auto restoration, then perhaps you could charge a bit more.

Speak To A Professional to Help Price Used Auto Parts

Before any kind of sale is committed to, it’s wise to ensure that the parts are valued across the industry. Mechanics and other long-time professionals in the automotive world are obviously going to be your go-to guys and girls. This is down to the fact that they will be able to tell you how much it typically costs. They’ll also be able to understand the cost of integrating the part within another vehicle.


If your part can be certified by a mechanic, then you may want to consider having that done. That could increase the probability of selling it. It is a good strategy to use for something like a used motor or transmission. Having some paperwork to say it works, signed by a trusted 3rd party could be the difference between getting max value and getting low balled.

Decide On The Value

The value of the parts is often dictated by the marketplace. The actual value tends to be different from that of the part on the marketplace. Sellers are looking to offload a part because their vehicle is no longer in the right condition to use. This will then mean that the part has limited value unless they have the mechanical understanding to install the part inside a different vehicle. The part gets taken into account regarding its mileage, age, and cost during the previous transaction. 

Getting the Most Value

If you are posting your parts on an online site like Ebay or Craigslist then you need to know a little bit of marketing. Here are a few tips to get the most when pricing used auto parts to sell online:


  1. Write a clear accurate description of the part (age, mileage, condition, etc.)
  2. Take multiple pictures from various angles
  3. If you have service records or paperwork post it with the listing
  4. Clean up the part and detail it before you take pictures of it
  5. Speak to the benefits of buying the part from you

 Contact Auto Parts Recyclers 

Auto parts recyclers are a very popular option to buy your used parts. When offering parts to these recyclers, you have to provide them with the full details of the part and the value you have arrived at. They will ask for the age and the manufacturing details before they make an offer, so it’s imperative that you get things right. Sellers need to tell the auto recycling company that they have had the part valued by a professional, too, with details to follow. 


If you want the full and complete price for your part, then you’ll have to make sure you present the maximum amount of information to them.

Should I Test The Parts Before I Sell Them?

This question is asked quite a lot by those looking to sell used parts. While you absolutely can do it, it’s collectively seen as something that isn’t necessary. Mainly because it just won’t be worth your time and you could spend it doing something a little more productive.


However you should state that to the person buying it that you have not tested the part. It’s o to say that the motor ran last in 1985. It still worked then shows no signs of being seized. For something like a salvaged Tesla battery, the customer is likely not going to shell out money, unless it works.


The customer who buys the part from you will test it for themselves when they get their hands on it. If something goes a little wrong or it just doesn’t work, then they’ll let you know. If you offer a sensible return policy, then you are being fair to the customer.

Pricing Your Used Auto Parts To Sell Online – Conclusion

When you are pricing used auto parts to sell online, you need to strike a balance between getting max value and overcharging. If you charge an unrealistic amount then no one will be interested. If you charge to little, then you leave a lot of money on the table. Doing your research upfront helps to ensure that you are charging prices that are reasonable for your auto parts. This is what I have learned over the years while pricing used auto parts.