How to Sell Your Car For Parts

Even if a car serves you well for many years, the inevitable will happen at a point. Aging and wear and tear will take their toll, and the vehicle will reach the end of its life. Perhaps you were in a car accident, and your insurance company declared your vehicle totaled. It is now too expensive to restore to running condition, so you must contemplate selling it to a junkyard or tearing it apart. But, regardless of the circumstance, who will buy the automobile for its parts? Below is a discussion on how to sell your car for parts

Sell Your Car for Parts, Fix it, or Junk It?

The decision to fix, junk, or sell your car for parts will require a bit of math and common sense. It is normal to have an emotional attachment to the vehicle, especially after serving you well. However, you want to put that aside for the time being and be practical.


Even if you choose to sell your automobile, you’ll have to either repair it, not repair it and sell it for less money, or perhaps junk it. If you are junking it, you may only get the scrap value for the vehicle, that is unless you have leverage to negotiate more. The leverage is often in the form of higher value parts.


If you have a vehicle with high value parts on it you may consider selling off the parts instead. Some of the best used parts to sell are after market parts, engines, transmissions, fenders, and electronics. There are plenty of ways to sell used auto parts these days, unless as you price them reasonably.

Estimate Your Repair Costs 

It would be best to acquire a few quotations to see how much it would cost to repair your car. You may still decide if you want to drive it again or sell it to the dealership or a private buyer. Check whether your state has any additional standards for selling a car with a salvage title if your vehicle has one.


Fortunately, there are several ways to enquire about the prices of vehicle parts, either via calling your local parts dealership or searching online. Junkyards are of course a great route to get used parts cheap.

Do the Math and Consider Your Position

Once you have figured out how much it would cost to repair your vehicle, you can better decide your next move.


Some auto experts suggest selling a car if the required repairs cost more than half of the current vehicle’s value. For instance, if your vehicle is valued at around $10,000 and the repairs cost around $6500, it may not be worth fixing. Also, keep in mind that you’re putting yourself at risk if your car demands frequent repairs.


Who Buys Used Car Parts Near Me

Sell Your Vehicle for Junk or Part It Out…

Junking It for Cash

There are a few things to consider when you want to sell your car for parts. First, ensure you have a clean title. To transfer ownership, you must sign this form to the individual or company you sell to. The meaning of a clean title may vary depending on your state or region. However, it usually indicates that the car has no liens or legal claims against it and does not have a salvage title. However, it is not all doom and gloom if your automobile has a salvage title since there are procedures you can follow to resolve it.


Call your local salvage or junkyard for quotes on how much they will pay for your vehicle in its present condition. Some may offer to pick it up. You can also list your car for sale to private individuals online if it fits the conditions of sale in your state.

Selling it as Individual Car Parts

While removing your car’s parts can be difficult if you don’t have the tools and necessary skills, you will have more options by doing it yourself. After removing each part, take a photograph and post it online for sale.


The first option is to sell your auto components on platforms specialized to your car’s make and model. This allows you to concentrate your efforts on consumers seeking components for the type of automobile you have. Because of transportation costs, large and heavy auto parts are usually best sold locally on sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. On the other hand, small car parts may command a greater price if advertised on national websites. You can also refernce our article on Who Buys Used Car Parts Near Me.


You can now wait for orders after posting each of the components. Be prepared to engage with potential buyers since many want to learn more about the condition of the part before making any commitments. Find the best means to get the part to them once they purchase. While this can be straightforward with certain small items, large parts such as engines, transmissions, and seats can be hard and time-consuming. 

How to Get the Best Price for Individual Car Parts? 

It can be tough to get what you believe is a fair price for your car or its parts if you don’t know how much they are worth on the market. As a result, it makes sense to research used auto parts pricing for your particular car part, year, and model. Look online for a few businesses that sell secondhand auto components and compare prices for pieces you feel you can sell. You can also refernce our list of the Best Selling Used Car Parts.


Make a comprehensive list of the pieces you wish to sell once you have learned about the prices. Ensure they are clean and take photos from various angles to demonstrate the genuine condition. Once your ad is ready, you can post them on several websites or auction it off. 


Quick tips for getting the most money from selling used car parts online:

  • Take high resultion pictures from various angles.
  • Write a good description. Mention the year, make, and model the part was removed from.
  • If the part is interchangable with another brand, mention it.
  • Be honest about the condition, you will gain more trust from the buyer.
  • Price it competitively based on actual market research.

Selling a Car for Parts – Conclusion

When you sell a car for parts it might be a wise financial decision if the value of the components exceeds the value of your car as transport. And if you can sell the components yourself, you can make even more money.


However, selling your car as parts might take longer than selling it as a complete piece to someone or the junkyard. If you are in a hurry or need the money to buy a replacement car immediately, it can be practical to accept a lower payout and obtain the cash faster by selling your car in one piece for its components.