Texas has a lot of great auto salvages and plenty of choices for affordable auto parts. Below I will discuss how junkyards work in the Lone Star state and share some of my favorite salvages. I’ll also share some tips from my personal experience pulling auto parts at Texas auto salvage yards.

Map of Texas Auto Salvage Yards

For “Junkyards in Texas” or “Salvage Yards in Texas”, see the map below…

How Do Auto Salvage Yards in Texas Operate

Junkyards in Texas are privately owned businesses that deal is used auto parts. They purchase junked cars and trucks and then sell off the functioning parts to the public. They are privately owned businesses or franchises that require a special license to operate and you will pay state sales tax on your purchases.

How Do They Get Vehicles in Stock?

Texas auto salvages acquire vehicles via insurance companies, salvage auctions, and buying junked cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans from the public. Insurance companies love salvage yards because they can sell it to them and then use that money to help pay off a claim on a total loss accident.

Texas Auto Salvage Yards

When Does New Inventory Arrive?

In my experience, most auto salvage yards in Texas get new stock on Tuesdays. As a pro picker, I try to get to the yard either in the afternoon on Tuesdays or early Wednesday mornings. Then I can pick parts before the rest of the public does.

Pro Tip: Fond a yard that has text alerts. You can have a curated list of makes and models of vehicles you need and you will get a text if any of them come into inventory.

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Processing of Vehicles at a TX Junkyard

When a vehicle arrives at a Texas auto salvage yard, it goes through a process of being inventoried, and assessed for functioning parts and fluids are drained from the vehicle.

Key parts like starters, alternators, and batteries are almost always pulled out to preserve their condition. Some yards will pull engines and transmissions and then have them rebuilt and sold with a warranty.

What remains will get put out in the yard for the general public to pull auto parts from. Once it is all stripped of its value, the remaining frame is crushed, recycled, and sold for scrap metal.

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How Auto Salvage Yards in TX Arrange Their Inventory

All locations, tend to have slightly different layouts. Some are organized by vehicle class, while others are in groups of macks and models. There are also yards with neatly organized rows and then those that are a complete mess.

I find it easier when you have sections of manufacturers. For example a Ford section, a Chevrolet section, a Dodge section, etc. You can find yards also that specialize such as foreign car salvages or specialty yards for boats, motorcycles, semi-trucks, etc…

Junkyard in Texas

How to Find Affordable Used Auto Parts

You can expect savings between 50-80% when you buy used auto parts from Texas salvage yards versus buying new. You will pay a small entrance fee that generally ranges between $1-$4 depending on the yard and then you can pull everything from transmissions to windshields.

To locate the used auto parts you need, it’s easiest if the auto salvage has a website and a searchable database. There you can find out which vehicles are in stock at which locations. I like to call ahead and ask what is the condition the vehicle is in before I visit to go and pull parts. A car that has an old date in the inventory is probably picked apart.

Some yards also have a standard parts pick list. So you can get standard pricing for common auto parts like batteries, alternators, and starters.

What Kind of Used Auto Parts Can You Find?

Some of the best auto parts to buy used include engines and transmissions. These are generally expensive items that you want to get at a cheaper price if possible. I once got an engine for an 07 Toyota Corolla for $175. Other used auto parts parts like mirrors, wheels, ac compressors, airbags, body parts, trim, etc… can also be good deals when buying used auto parts.

Finding the right part for the right car all comes down to understanding interchangeable parts. Most automakers use the same parts on models over a range of years. This can make finding parts much easier if you know similar vehicles that use the same parts. This is the correct way to junkyard if you want to save alot of time and money.

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Junkyard Find TX

Types of Junkyards in Texas

TX salvage yards operate with different business models as well as different specialties like domestic or foreign vehicles. Below are the most common styles of business…

Used Auto Parts Warehouse

Used Part Warehouses dismantle old vehicles, label their inventory accurately, and sell parts in-store or online. Though prices may be higher due to added labor costs, their good organization ensures quality and convenience. These are best for customers doing restorations or that may not have the tools to pull parts.

Self-Service Auto Salvages

Self-service salvage yards allow you to access the property and remove parts from a car with their own tools. These yards offer more affordable options, although they generally house older, lower-quality vehicles. The level of organization can vary depending on the location.

Full-Service Auto Salvage

Full-service yards offer convenience by assisting customers or performing the work on their behalf, providing higher-quality inventory. Ideal for those lacking skills or tools for part removal.

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Auto Salvage Yards in TX

Popular Auto Salvage Yards in Texas

When choosing a salvage yard in TX, consider factors like customer service, location, inventory, quality, how often they get new inventory, quality of stock, and price. Don’t forget to check warranties and return policies before deciding.

Here are a few popular junkyards with 4.5+ star ratings in Texas:

  • All Discount Auto Salvage: 3965 E Main St, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
  • Anyder’s Auto Salvage: 24549 State Hwy 95, Holland, TX 76534
  • Big Texas Auto Parts: 5470 SE Loop 281, Longview, TX 75602
  • Huntsville Auto and Truck Salvage: 3010 TX-19, Huntsville, TX 77320
  • Chuy’s Salvage Used Auto Parts Inc: 6090 TX-19, Elkhart, TX 75839
  • Budget Wrench-A-Part: 4497 U.S. Hwy 190, Belton, TX 76513
  • DG Auto Salvage: 10009 FM14, Tyler, TX 75706
  • Late Model Wrench-A-Part: 24759 State Hwy 95, Holland, TX 76534
  • Browne Auto Salvage: 1033 TX-511 Spur, Sunset, TX 76270
  • B&B Foreign Car: 7301 Kennedale Pkwy, Kennedale, TX 76060
  • B&B Auto Parts: 3301 Marlin Hwy #3736, Waco, TX 76705
  • A1 Parts Mart: 9707 FM812, Austin, TX 78719
  • U Pull & Pay: 9445 Tavenor Ln, Houston, TX 77075
  • Mazda Nissan Heaven: 6711 Oak Crest Dr E, Fort Worth, TX 76140
  • Pick-N-Pull: 5301 S Second Ave, Dallas, TX 75210

The state of Texas is also home to two super popular junkyard franchises:

1970 Ford Fastback in Texas Auto Salvage Yard

Checking Junkyards in the Neighboring States

If you live close to a state border, there are likely many junkyards in the area that you can take advantage of.

Auto Salvage Yards in Texas Conclusion

Auto salvage yards in Texas are a great place to find used auto parts and save a lot of money. Knowing where they are, understanding your needs, and being familiar with how to pull car parts will get you the most bang for your buck. You can even expand your search to nearby states. Start exploring Texas junkyards for quality used parts!