Arkansas offers a wide range of options for used car parts, but by far auto salvages are the best option. Discover how these junkyards operate and get valuable tips for salvaging parts. Get insights from my personal experience with automobile salvage yards in Arkansas.

Map of Junkyards in Arkansas

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How Do Auto Salvage Yards in Arkansas Work

Salvage yards in Arkansas are privately owned businesses that follow the same tax laws as local businesses. For example, customers are required to pay sales tax even on used auto parts.

These places purchase wrecked cars and trucks and sell their auto parts to the public. You can often find used parts for more than 65% of verse buying new.

These businesses acquire inventory from insurance providers, impounds, and auctions. Depending on the condition, the cars are repaired, re-auctioned, sold with a salvage title, or put in the yard to have parts pulled. These yards play a crucial role in auto recycling within the state.

To operate a junkyard in Arkansas, the business must obtain a state license from the AR Dept of Environmental Quality. If the yard also sells vehicles with salvage titles, it must comply also be registered as a dealer with the Dept of Public Safety. Additionally, they must adhere to specific environmental statutes regarding pollution and waste control of hazardous substances.

Auto Salvage in Arkansas

Processing of Vehicles at an AR Junkyard

After the auto salvage receives a wrecked vehicle, it is given a VIN and photographed to determine its condition. Next, all fluids are drained and checked for contamination or leakage.

The next step involves removing hazardous substances such as batteries, airbags, light bulbs containing mercury or other toxic materials. Once complete, they proceed to remove any reusable parts like transmissions, seats, engines, and other mechanical components. These parts are cleaned, tested and stored in designated areas for sale.

What remains will be put out for customers to pick parts. Once it is stripped, the remaining shell of the automobile is crushed or compacted and sent to a recycling center for processing. This process not only removes junk from the environment but prevents toxic chemicals from polluting it.

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Tennison Auto Sales Salvage in Arkansas

Types of Junkyards in Arkansas

In my search for reputable auto-wrecking yards in Arkansas, I was amazed by the large number of businesses involved in salvaging, dismantling, and recycling vehicles.

There are over 275 plus such businesses in the state, specializing in various types of imports, Mopar, RVs, motorcycles, and boats.

Additionally, Arkansas offers numerous scrap yards and cash for vehicle buyers, providing ample opportunities to get rid of scrap cars and trucks.

Different salvage yard models exist, including used part warehouses, self-service yards, and full-service yards, each with its own advantages and considerations. You can also find a used part store instead of an auto salvage, so of which will ship parts via various freight carriers.

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Junkyard Arkansas

Popular Auto Junkyards in Arkansas

When picking a junkyard in AR, there are numerous aspects to think about that can influence your experience. This encompasses the level of customer service, hours, accessibility of tools like an engine hoist, location, inventory, quality of auto parts, and freight carriers. Don’t forget to also factor in extended warranties and return policies prior to making your ultimate decision.

Here are a few popular junkyards with 4.5+ star ratings in Arkansas:

  • Rone’s Auto Salvage: 54 US-63, Ravenden, AR 72459
  • A-Auto Salvage: 6623 Colonel Glenn Rd, Little Rock, AR 72204
  • Dixon Road U Pull It: 2505 W Dixon Rd, Little Rock, AR 72206
  • Y&Y Auto Salvage: 3438 AR-157, Judsonia, AR 72081
  • M.S. Auto Salvage: 5247 AR-103, Clarksville, AR 72830
  • Way Out Salvage: 823 Madison 3665, Kingston, AR 72742
  • J&L Auto Salvage: 6176 U. S. Hwy 71, West Fork, AR 72774
  • Harrison Auto Salvage: 1566 US-62 S, Harrison, AR 72601
  • Hwy 5 Auto Salvage: 5721 Stagecoach Rd, Little Rock, AR 72204
  • NWA U Pull It Auto Parts: 600 W Price Ln, Rogers, AR 72758
  • Junkyard Dog Inc: 2315 S 7th St, Rogers, AR 72758

The state of Arkansas is also home to one of the most popular junkyard franchises:

Junk Volkswagens

Finding Quality Auto Parts at Salvage Yards

You can find almost any auto part you need, from small components like bolts and nuts to larger items such as engines, transmissions, and body panels. Some popular parts include tires, batteries, rims, alternators, radiators, and headlights.

One helpful tip is to do your research beforehand and know exactly what part you need. Personally I like to remove my parts i am replacing first at home. Then set aside the tools, so I know what I need to take with me. Now I also have experience removing them before I get the yard. This saves alot of time and money.

Vintage Autos Posseum Grape AR

Selling a Junked Vehicle in Arkansas

In Arkansas, if you have a junk vehicle and want to get cash for it, you have a few options.

First, consider a private sale. That typically will net you the most cash, The truth is though that most private buyers will want an engine that turns over. Alternatively you could dismantle it yourself and sell it for parts.

If the vehicle doesn’t run you can visit a local junkyard. Most salvage companies offer the value of your vehicle based on its scrap metal, but you can negotiate for a higher price if you believe it’s worth more. Factors like a running engine or expensive aftermarket components can increase its value.

Make sure to have the title for the vehicleto properly junk the vehicle and follow state regulations. There are some junkyards that buy cars with no title, but there aren’t very many.

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Arkansas Procedure for Transferring Vehicle Ownership

If you’re in Arkansas and you’re looking to get rid of your old clunker, here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Get the title assignment on the title certificate sorted and make sure you have a bill of sale and odometer disclosure if needed.
  2. Complete the vehicle title application form.
  3. Swing by any AR DMV office closest to you.

For more deets on how to transfer a title, check out the Arkansas DMV website.

Yeager Auto Junkyard Arkansas

Buying a Vehicle at an Auto Salvage

Looking to buy a car with a salvage title in Arkansas? Keep reading for all the must-know details…

  1. Get ready to pay Arkansas state sales tax when purchasing the vehicle.
  2. Arrange transportation for the vehicle at your expense.
  3. Once you’ve paid, the junkyard will transfer the title to you, allowing you to register it.
  4. Ensure a certified inspector assesses the vehicle’s safety before registering it. This is crucial for transitioning from a salvage title to a rebuilt title.
  5. To register your salvage title in Arkansas, visit any AR DMV office with your salvaged title, photo ID, and inspection report.
  6. Provide your VIN, complete the necessary forms, and pay the required fee.

What to Know About Salvage Yards in Arkansas Before You Go

To visit AR auto salvages, consider the time of year and come prepared. Here are some recommendations:

  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Stay hydrated and carry extra water
  • Protect your eyes and skin with sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen
  • Use mechanic-style gloves for part removal
  • Wear steel-toe boots
  • Use a battery-operated fan in the summer
  • Bring necessary tools and consider having assistance for engine part removal.
  • Research the yard to find out if there are certain tools you can’t bring.

Watts Repair Salvage in Arkansas

Checking Junkyards in the Neighboring States

If you live close to a state border, there are likely many junkyards in the area that you can take advantage of.

Salvage Yards in Arkansas Conclusion

Junkyards in Arkansas present an amazing chance to unearth quality auto parts and save a lot of money. The trick is to locate them, comprehend your needs, and grasp the ins and outs of purchasing or selling salvage vehicles in the state. If necessary, you can even broaden your search to nearby states. Thats what I have learn from pulling parts at salvage yards in Arkansas.


James is an avid junkyarder and mechanic. He has visited Junkyards in every US state and has restored over 30 makes and models of vehicles. He has several automotive and recycling related blogs that generate over 150K views a month.