Finding a buyer for a junk mobile home is a challenge. These are depreciating assets that are beyond saving so you can’t just list it for sale like you would a functioning mobile unit. In this article I will dicuss how to sell a junk mobile home, who are the buyers, and how to get the most value from it. I will also share my experience with the place who buys junk mobile homes near me.

Map of Who Buys Junk Mobile Homes Near Me

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Who Buys Junk Mobile Homes Near Me

Junk mobile homes are tricky. It is very difficult to find someone who will buy the home as is. Anyone who does is likely to dismantle it in order to sell it for scrap. First lets discuss who buys junk mobile homes and then we will discuss how to sell one.

Scrap Metal Facilities

Scrap metal facilities are your best option for selling a junk mobile home. In order to do that though you must first dismantle the home and second transport the metal to them.  Dismantleing a mobile unit is not the easiest task and you may need to rent equipment to do so.


Once the home is dismantled then you will need to transfer all the metal pieces to a scrap metal facility. Scrap metal it is sold by the pound at the current rate for each type of metal. So for example Steel, aluminum, copper, etc all have different prices based on the current days trading price. To find out the going rates for each type of metal I like to use iScrap. If there is salvagable lumber you may be able to sell that as well.

Mobile Home Salvage Yards

This is not a good option for everybody, because there needs to be some value left in the unit. Some mobile home salvages will buy a junk mobile home if there are functional parts that can be reused. Mobile home salvages are looking for resuable parts they can mark up and resell. In my experience most will not buy a junk mobile home where it sits and then dismantle it. Instead what they often do is charge you for a dismantling service and then keep the parts they want.


I have seen it done where a unit has enough functioning parts left, that a salvage pays them for it and then they do the dismantleing. You can expect that if they do the dismantling for you, the price you get will be a low offer. You can also try and see what an offer looks life if you dismantle the unit and have them pick up all the pieces.

Private Contractors Who Buy Scrap Metal

If your mobile home is in a park you can ask the front office about local contractors who buys scrap metal. Some scrap dealers only specialize in certain metals, so they may not be interested in taking all of your junked unit. The place who buys junk mobile homes near me, will take it all, but thats not the case evrywhere. You may need to contact multiple scrap buyers. The good part about tis option is that they will handle the transport of the materials.

Who Buys Junk Mobile Homes Near Me

How to Sell a Junk Mobile Home

Dismantle It and Sell for Scrap

As mentioned above the best method for selling a junked mobile home near me is a scrap metal facility. The place who buys junk mobile homes near me is a scrap metal facility and that means that you have a lot of work up front.


To do this you will first need to dismante the unit. This can be done by hand, but much easier with the use of equipment like a skid steer. Once the home is dismantled it is best to separate all the metals by type. Doing so will get you a higher profit then trying to sell it all together for weight. When you metal is separted you can transport it to a facility where it will be weighed. The amount you get in cash will be the equivalent of the market price of that specific metal on that specific day. On average there’s $2000 worth of scrap metal in single wide mobile unit.

Marketing and Advertising

Telling people who have a junk mbile home for sale or you have scrap metal can often save you time and effort. You can possibly find someone who will haul away the metal for you. You can advertise on sites like Facebook Marketplace, craigslist and ebay There are folks on those platforms who may be willing to buy and haul away the scrap metal. To get the most out of this you need to have some good pictures, describe the materials and amounts really well, and answer questions as they come in.


There are traditional means of running classified ads in your local newspaper as well. In my experience that comes with a small fee and you do not reach as large of an audience as you do online.

Paperwork For Selling

Some states are requiring a business license in order to sell scrap metal. With recent high prices of metals like copper in the metals market, theft is at a high. To find out if you are allowed to sell scrap metal you may need to check your counties website.


Additionally the government tracks the selling of scrap metal. When you sell it you get your information put in a database which is monitored by the government. They store your info and photos of the materials you sold.

Costs You May Incur

When you sell a junk mobile home, you are looking to make money and not spend it. In my experience with this you may incur a few costs in the process. If you have equipment and can dsconstruct a mobile home by yourself, you can often avoid spending any money.

Tools, Equipment, and Hired Help

For most folks they need to rent tools, equipment, a truck, and possibly even hired labor. These costs can be $1,000 to $2,000 depending on what you need. Contract labor migh be priced by square foot. Folks near me charge $10-$20 per square foot for dismanteling.

Deconstruction Permit

Your county may require you to purchase a deconstruction permit. On average these can cost about $200.

Debris Haul Away

Once the demolition is complete and you’ve separtaed out your metal, you will still have a tone of debris left. You are responsible for this. You can consider a landfill or hire a junk haul away service.Its better to call these folks before you start the demoltion so they can part a dumpster on the property for you. Debris removal can range from $350 to $750 depending on the amount you need removed.

Scrap Metal Business License

Some states require a business license for selling large amounts of scrap metal privately. This could cost you between $50 and $400 depending on your location.

Who Buys Mobile Homes (Getting The Most Money From Them)

To get the most money out of a junk mobile home sale you should consider the following:


When selling for scrap metal:

  • Separate all the metals and get each metal type priced individually.
  • Call several facilities and get quotes.
  • Consider calling out of state locations if they are convenient to get to. Prices can be different in other states (ask about licenses though).

When Selling Scrap to a Contractor:

  • When you post online take good pictures, write a good description, and state your expectations (like you must haul it away).
  • Look up all your scrap metal values first so you can negotiate better.
  • Try and see if you can negotiate extras like them hauling away the debris for you.

Who Buys Junk Mobile Homes Near Me – Wrap Up

Selling a junk mobile home is not easy. The only real option is dismantle and sell it for scrap. Distamentaling is no easy task and can take 2 days and a lot of hard labor. Most folks when they relaize this opt to pay someone else to dismantle the home or they just abandon it. If you have the ability to do the work yourself including haul away then you may be in good shape. You can keep the costs you incur down and pocket the money you get for the scrap metal. This is what I have learned from the place who buys mobile homes near me.