You can find a buyer for your headlights if they’re in good condition and fit the right vehicle. How much money you’ll get from the sale depends on the buyer, but having an entire headlight assembly is better than just selling individual parts. I’ll go through each type of buyer below and what you need to know about them. I’ll also share my experience with the place who buys used headlights near me.

Map of Who Buys Used Headlights Near Me

For “Who Buys Used Headlights Near Me” and “Where to Sell Used Headlights Near Me”, see the map below…

Weigh the pros and cons of each option before settling on a buyer. A junkyard will give you the least amount of money, but won’t require much from you so long as your auto parts works. A Craigslist buyer will get you more cash than a junkyard, though it may take longer to find someone and you may need to answer a bunch of questions first.

Who Buys Used Headlights Near Me

Used headlights are one of the best selling used auto parts, but to make any money you need the full headlight assembly. you can sell a bulb, but the assembly is what most people are looking to buy second hand.


At junkyards, they are one of the most commonly pulled replacement parts because these parts are frequently broken in accidents. This is true of both late models and vintage autos.


Selling used headlamps and headlamp assemblies is all about setting a fair price and finding the right buyer for it.

Local Auto Salvages Who Buy Used Headlights and Assemblies

For any automobile, van, pick-up truck, or SUV, this is a great choice. If you have headlights or whole assemblies for a well-known brand and model, your local scrap yard is worth calling.


Salvage yards are in the business of reselling used auto parts to the public. The junkyards near me will only buy headlights if they believe that there is a quick profit to be made. Often, these businesses already have a buyer on standby that they can contact for immediate sales. Alternatively, they may post the items on eBay Motors and sell them second-hand.


If you’re looking to sell car parts to an auto salvage remember that they aim to make money. Consequently, their offers will be low because they need wiggle room to mark up the prices. If, for example, your headlights are broken, the salvage yard won’t give you any money for them because they can’t resell them.


You are only likely to get a few bucks for a headlight and maybe a few extra bucks for an assembly. Your best chance of selling is if it is either a vintage part or something that is in high demand like a Civic headlight and assembly.

Niche Manufacturer Auto Salvages

To get the most money for old headlights and assemblies, look for specialized niche salvage yards that deal in your vehicle type.


Let’s say you have a headlamp component for a Cherokee. You could sell it to your local auto salvage, but if you took it to a specialized Jeep junkyard, you would get more money for it. Most popular vehicles have a few specialty yards located in the US. Specialty yards have buyers and are more inclined to pay a little extra since they cater to an exclusive market.

Scrap Metal Facilities Who Buy Headlight Assemblies

A scrap metal facility will buy an assembly regardless of whether it works or not. They will pay you for the metal in the assembly. How much you get will be determined by the weight and the type of metal. In my experience, a headlamp assembly is going to net about $2 in scrap metal.

Online MarketPlaces and Classified Ad Sites

If you want to get the most money for your old headlights, selling them privately should be your first option. You’re in charge of negotiations and determining a price that works for you. Always try to sell any used auto components privately before resorting to alternative methods as a rule of thumb. Private sales generally result in the best return on used car parts.


Here are 4 popular ways to find people who buy used headlights near me

  • eBay Motors – Can reach a large global audience, but have to deal with shipping it to the buyer. Not that big of a deal though since these parts aren’t that heavy.
  • Craigslist – Great to find locals and avoid shipping, but a lot of haggling over price.
  • Facebook Market Place – Reach a huge audience and local buyers. This is a great option for used headlights that fit newer vehicles.
  • Hemmings Marketplace – Great option if you have a headlight assembly for a vintage vehicle.

Who Buys Used Headlights Near Me – Alternatives

There are several other choices available, but they are usually more specialized. The list below may not always buy used components, but they might if the situation arises. To take advantage of these buyers, you need to have it when they need it…

Local Auto Mechanics Who Buy Used Headlights and Assemblies

If you have a used headlight or a complete assembly for a popular vehicle like a Corolla or Civic, your local auto garage may be interested. Because many different models and years of top brand cars use the same headlights and assemblies, they’re more valuable because they may be utilized in multiple automobiles. This is especially true of many large manufacturers, such as Toyota Honda, Kia, Dodge, Chevy, etc…

Vehicle Restoration Shops Who Buy Used Headlights

An automobile restoration shop may be a good buyer if you have an old headlamp or assembly from a vintage vehicle. While there’s a broad range of auto restoration places, look for one that specializes in the type of vehicle headlamp you have. If you have a 1957 Ford Thunderbird headlamp, search for a specialized Ford resto business.

Headlight Restoration Shops

Headlight restoration shops might be interested in full headlamp assemblies. They sometimes need to replace assemblies or pull parts from them. They mostly deal with popular vehicles and can be a good choice if you have a vehicle in high demand.


Who Buys Used Headlights Near Me

Where To Get The Most Money For Used Headlights

Choosing the best marketplace for your product is an important stage in your sales strategy. For good reason, eBay Motors, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace are the most popular choices: they work! Selling on these websites allows you to reach a large audience and increases attention to whatever you are trying to sell.


If you have a full assembly for a higher end vehicle like a Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, etc. look up what the new off the shelf (NOS) part sells for from the manufcaturer. While you can’t charge the same price as new, it should give you a ballpark on what your buyer is up against. They are looking to save money and new headlight assemblies on luxury vehicles are super expensive. Set your price appropriatly and you can find a good buyer willing to pay you a premium price.


The key to selling used headlights online is:

  • Be clear about whether they are LED, HID or ‘xenon’, laser or halogen.
  • Be clear about the bulb position: dipped beam, full/high beam (headlight flasher), side/parking lamp, daytime running light kits, etc…
  • If you know the fitting ist it: for example 9005 (HB3).
  • Taking good pictures. If you are selling an entire headlamp assembly, defog it first.
  • Be reasonable when you set a price and be open to negotiating.
  • When you write out the description include all of the specs.
  • Estimate how many hours the bulbs have been used.
  • If you want to establish trust with potential buyers, always be honest about the condition of your product – no matter how small the imperfection may be.
  • Include any stipulations you require, like you must pick them up or pay via Zelle.

Private Buyers Want Working Parts

No private buyer is going to buy from you if the parts don’t work. Many people try and trick someone into buying something broken…do not do that. It is dishonest and scammy.


Second-hand auto parts are a hard market to break into because people must trust you. They do so by asking questions, and you must respond honestly. For example, they may ask if the part is operational, whether it has been rebuilt, why you’re selling it, or how many hours or miles it has on it.

Who Buys Used Headlights Near Me – Wrap Up

There are a variety of excellent methods to sell old headlights and assemblies. There is always a buyer for everything, whether you have one for a big rig, a late model vehicle, or a classic automobile.


The most money can be made by selling it yourself to a private buyer online. Remember that junkyards may have to pay less to make a greater profit when reselling the item. If your headlamp assembly is absolutely trash and useless, a scrap metal plant is likely your only choice. This is what I have learned from the place who buys used headlights near me.