If you have an old junk tractor you may trying to figure out what to do with it. Aside from the obvious choices like posting it on Craigslist, there are alternatives. In this article I will share where to sell an old tractor and how the process works. In addition I will share my experience with the place who buys used tractors near me and how you can get most cash.

Who Buys Used Tractors Near Me

For “Who buys used tractors near me” or “Who buys junk tractors near me” see the map below…

Where you are located will impact the amount of buyers available to you. If you live out in the country where there is more farming, then you have more options for places that buy used tractors.

Who Buys Used Tractors Near Me

You can sell a junk tractor even if it no longer runs. There are certain buyers, like salvage yards, who are interested in stripping the functioning parts and reselling them. A tractor that runs will sell for higher then a tractor that doesn’t. Just be aware selling a used tractor doesn’t mean it has to be working.


Here are some choices for who buys used tractors near me…

Tractor and Farming Equipment Salvage Yards – BEST OPTION

Tractor and farming equipment salvages are regular buyers of used and junked tractors. These places will buy your equipment and either fix it and sell it or strip and sell the working parts. The more parts on the tractor that are reusable, the better your sale offer will be from a salvage yard.


When you go to a salvage to sell something you need to understand how the business makes money. They buy junk and resell the parts. In order for them to make money they need to buy junk very cheap. So my point is that you will not get a very good offer for your used or junk tractor at a salvage yard. They are essentially a middle man in the process and need room to mark pieces up to make a few bucks.


The good part about a salvage is they take a wide variety of tractors. Even in pretty bad condition as long as some valuable parts are still on it.


When you call around to tractor salvages, you should read reviews online about the yard. Look for reviews where people have sold them equipment before. Most people won’t disclose how much they got, but they will often say of they got a fair offer. This will help you negotiate and narrow down whom to do business with. Find a tractor salvage yard here.

Related Salvage Yards Who Buy Used Tractors

Lawn mower salvage yards are also buyers of tractors. These places deal just like tractor salvages except the specialize in lawn mowers. All of the guidance above applies here as well. This is the same kind of business that buys junk and resells it for parts.


Depending on what kind of tractor you have you can also consider brand specific salvage yards. For example, if you have a Ford tractor, there are actually Ford tractor salvage yards. The same for John Deere. The more popular the brand of tractor the more likely you are to find a yard that deals exclusively in that manufacturer. The advantage of specialized yards is that the tend to payout just a little bit more then your standard tractor salvage. That is because they have the niche buyers looking for specific parts that you may have.

Small Engine Repair Shops Who Buy Used Tractors

There are businesses that specialize in small engine repair. These places perform work on tractors, lawn mowers, ATV’s, and other small engine applications. Similar to a salvage they will buy a junk tractor, but need to get it for as cheap as possible. They will buy it so they can use the parts to repair other small engine equipment.


These places will pay just a little bit better then a tractor junkyard. The catch is though they are more picky about what they purchase. They will only buy it if they know for sure they can use the parts.

Country Pawn Shop Who Buys Used Tractors

Pawn shops out in the country will deal in used farming equipment. This includes tractors, mowers, and other small engine vocational vehicles. A pawn shop will only purchase a tractor if it works. You won’t get a lot of hassle, but you also won’t get much of a payout.


For these places they have to deal exclusively in functioning equipment because they are not a repair shop. They are buying it to resell it as is. The only time you should deal with a pawn shop is if you need quick money.

Craigslist and Ebay

The best way to make money on a used tractor is to try and sell it yourself first. This way there is no middle man eating into your profits. Ebay and Craigslist are the most popular options for selling stuff independently. You could try Facebook Market place or the NextDoor App as well.


When you use these platforms, you should scope around to see what other people are selling used tractors for. This will help you price your equipment to be attractive to potential buyers.


The thing that stinks about selling used equipment yourself is dealing with the public. People want to haggle on price and you will get lots of questions from people who are not serious buyers.


if you do go the online route you need to post really good images and write a description that shows what value the used tractor still has.

Charity Donation

Another alternative you can consider to get rid of a used tractor is to donate it. While you may not get cash, you can get a voucher for a tax write off. That will work out to the same thing as cash at the end of the year. A charity will take your used tractor and resell it and then use the money to cover some of their administrative expenses. If you decide to donate check that the charity is a legitimate 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity.


Here are a few organizations that will give you a tax write off:

Who Buys Used Tractors Near Me

Before Selling a Used Tractor…

When you sell a used tractor to a salvage yard or small engine shop, you need to have reasonable expectations on your return. These businesses are middle men in the process. They buy from you for cheap, mark it up, and then sell it to their customers. They can do that because they have the buyers and you don’t.


If you really want to make money selling an old tractor, you need to sell it on your own. This way you set the price and you collect all the money. No commissions and no one to cut into the deal.


If you are going to deal with any of the businesses discussed above, call around and shop for your best offer.


Also consider the following before selling it, to figure out if you can get a higher payout:

  • What condition is the tractor in? Is it beyond repair?
  • What are similar used tractors in the same condition selling for online?
  • If the tractor doesn’t work, how much would repairs cost to get it working?
  • If the tractor worked, how much does the sale value increase and could you then sell it on your own?
  • Are there working parts you could strip and sell yourself online?

How to Get Max Cash When Selling Your Used Tractor

  • Call several places and get your best offer. Ask if you got the tractor running would the offer increase?
  • If your tractor already runs, then negotiate higher from their first offer.
  • Take off any valuable parts and sell them yourself.
  • If you don’t like the offer you are getting, don’t sell it…keep calling places.

Who Buys Used Tractors Near Me – Conclusion

Selling a used or junked tractor has several different types of buyers. In my experience salvage yards are the most seamless sale option there is. While selling independently is the way to go for the most cash. Of course selling independently is more difficult if your tractor is junk and doesn’t run. The more you can deal closer to the end buyer the more money you will make. That’s what I have learned from the place who buys used tractors near me.