Wood pallets are versatile and affordable materials that can be used for a variety of projects. For recycling wood pallets, there are several options available. They can be recycled into new pallets, used as fuel for wood-burning stoves, or even repurposed into furniture or art. Below I will discuss where to recycle them, FAQs, and other recycling alternatives. I will also share my experience with the place that does wood pallet recycling near me.

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What is Wood Pallet Recycling

Wood pallet recycling is the process of taking used wood pallets and upcycling them into new products. This can be done by breaking down the pallets and using the wood to create new pallets, or by repurposing the wood into other woodworking projects.

Why Recycle Wood Pallets?

There are several reasons to recycle wood pallets. First, it is a sustainable way to dispose of them. Second, it keeps the wood out of landfills where it would take up valuable space. Finally, recycling wood pallets can be a cost-effective way to obtain wood for new projects.

How Are Wood Pallets Recycled?

There are two main ways that wood pallets are recycled. The first is by breaking them down and using the wood to create new pallets. The second is by repurposing the wood into other woodworking projects.


Alternatively, they can be used as fuel for wood-burning stoves or incinerators. They can also be sent to a reclaimed wood salvage yard where they will be dismantled and the wood will be sold for other projects.

Where to Find Wood Pallet Recycling Near Me

Many places recycle wood pallets. Some companies will take them for free, while others may charge a small fee. Recycling centers, yard waste facilities, and wood dumps are common places to drop them off.


It is important to know that not all recycling centers will accept them. You need to look up the accepted materials for your local facilities before hauling them down there.

Who Buys Wood Pallets Near Me

Many companies buy wood pallets. These companies either use them for their own business or resell them to other businesses. Some common buyers of wood pallets are recycling centers, wood dumps, and salvage yards.


When selling pallets, the size of your load will usually have the most influence on their value. Industry-standard sizes, such as the 48×40 pallet utilized in supermarkets or automobiles, will have a greater value than odd-size or customized-sized pallets.


While selling used pallets can be profitable, it makes the most money if you can sell them in bulk. Recycled pallet prices range from $0.50 to $4 per pallet. The wide range of prices is based on the type, condition, and amount of them you have.


Here are some good places to consider selling them:

  1. Craigslist
  2. Manufacturers in your area
  3. Kamps Pallet
  4. National Wooden Pallet Container and Association
  5. North American Pallet Recycling Network
  6. Atlantic Pallet Exchange
  7. Recycle.Net
  8. Pallet delivery businesses in your area
  9. Woodworking or furniture schools

Wood Pallet Recycling Near Me

Do landfills Accept Them?

No, wood pallets are not accepted at landfills. They must be recycled or disposed of in another way. If you bring them, the landfill will refuse them. Since wooden pallets are 100% recyclable they don’t want them taking up valuable space in the landfill.

Can I Put Them Out With My Trash or Yard Waste?

No, wood pallets cannot be put out with your trash or yard waste. They must be recycled or disposed of in another way. If you put them out, the garbage collectors will not take them.


With yard waste on the other hand you may have more luck. In my experience municipalities that pick up, yard waste curbside will take them if they are broken down. If you have not broken them down, they will not be picked up. Beyond just taking them apart you should remove any nails or metal brads sticking out from the wood to protect the workers who pick them up.


Alternatively, you can consider sites like Freecyle.Org. You can post that you have wooden pallets you are giving away for free. Some people collect them and sell them for profit as a side hustle. You can post where you are leaving the pallets and the date/time they will be available for pick up. Someone will come and haul them away for free.

Do Charities Take Them?

Some charities will take wood pallets. However, most charities do not have the resources to recycle them. If you are looking to donate wood pallets, your best bet is to contact a local recycling center or woodworking shop first.


While charities like Habitat for Humanity take wood donations, they are looking for building materials like plywood. Pallets are not ideal for their needs.

Will Haul Away Junk Services Take Them?

Yes, haul away junk services will provide wood pallet recycling, but it will cost you for the pickup. This is my least favorite option for recycling them because there are better free options and ways to get paid. A junk haul-away service will charge you for the amount of space (in Square feet) the pallets take up in their truck.

Where to Dispose of Wood Pallets for Free

Giving your wooden pallets away for free is the greatest method to get rid of them. You can still accomplish this even if they are broken and not reusable.


Unusable pallets can be picked up by these pallet manufacturers:

You might also contact trash and recycling firms to schedule a pick-up. A great example that provides pallet removal at select locations is Waste Management. They have locations in 48 states, and you can always request a bulk pickup online.

Wood Pallet Recycling Near Me

wood pallets are a great way to recycle wood and make some extra money. However, you need to know where to recycle them and how to properly dispose of them. They can be recycled at many places, such as recycling centers, yard waste facilities, and wood dumps. You can also sell them to companies that use or resell wood pallets. If you have broken wood pallets, you can still recycle them by giving them to a pallet manufacturer or requesting a bulk pickup from your trash and recycling company. That’s what I have learned from wood pallet recycling near me.