If you own a Cub Cadet one of the best places to get used parts for cheap is at a junkyard. The problem is that there aren’t many exclusive Cub Cadet junkyards around. These specialized yards deal in parts for their lawn mowers, UTV’s, snow blowers, yard equipment, and accessories. Below I will share my experience with the Cub Cadet junkyards near me and some basic information on how these lawn mower style salvages work.

Map of Cub Cadet Junkyards Near Me

For “Cub Cadet Salvage Yards Near Me” or “Cub Cadet Junkyards Near Me”, see the map below…


Cub Cadet junkyards are pretty elusive. As an alternative to these yards, and depending on what vehicle types you own you can look for Cub Cadet machinery at other specialized salvages. You can try salvages for ride on lawn mowers, tractors (which some small engine cadets are considered), and UTV’s if you have the Challenger or Volunteer.

Operations of Cub Cadet Junkyards Near Me

Cub Cadet junkyards are small local salvage businesses that both buy and sell Cub Cadet manufactured machines. While you won’t find many, there are plenty of salvages that have entire sections dedicated to them.


The way these junkyards get their Cub Cadet inventory is through auction, owners who junk them, or stores that took a  trade in. Depending on the condition of the machine, it will be sold for parts, or if it’s running repaired and sold.


The Cub Cadet yards near me, put their machinery in the yard for pick and pull, but also sell parts on eBay.

How the Cub Cadet Junkyards Near Me are Arranged

Every salvo manages their business differently. Some yards are a mess and others are highly organized by tractor model. A good yard will at least have dedicated sections for mowers, snowblowers, UTV’s yard equipment, commercial equipment, blowers, and accessories. A majority of what you will are ride on mowers like the lawn and garden style tractors. Mostly old school gas powered equipment, very few electric mowers.


Not everything you see on the lot is in great shape, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t functioning parts. Many parts that deteriorate the quickest will be pulled by the junkyard so that they don’t corrode and rust. These are parts they offer for sale in their warehouse, but also for sale online.

How is The Inventory Managed

For any lawn mower or tractor salvage, they have to adhere to some government regulations just like an auto salvage lot. To protect the environment any hazardous material or fluids needs proper handling first. Liquids like gas, oil, and the spark plugs are pulled out. Some old Cadets even may have lead in them. If there is a battery then it will be pulled and resold. Blades will also get resharpened and resold. Often they will pull starters and alternators since these parts sell quickly online. For the most parts belts and hoses are in bad shape on salvage machines, but if their intact may get pulled.


Then the machine will get put out in the yard to be sold or for used parts to be pulled from it.


Eventually after all the usable parts are stripped and all the profit has been milked from it, the frame will get sold for scrap metal. This allows the salvo to make room for more machinery and get paid for the last bit of the equipment remaining.

Cub Cadet Salvage Yards Near Me

Old cub cadet tractors at a wrecking yard

Selling Your Mower to a Local Junk yard

If you have a mower, tractor, snow blower etc, that you want to sell a Cub Cadet junkyard would be a great option. Ideally a private buyer is your best option for the most money, but if you are ready to junk your machine, then consider the salvage yard. A yard that specializes in Cub Cadet will get you a slight bump in cash over a general lawn mower or tractor salvage. Since these yards deal exclusively in this American brand, they have a very selective customer base that only wants Cub Cadet.


A few things to consider before you junk your Cub Cadet:

  1. Can you fix it and sell it to a private owner? (That will get the most cash)
  2. If it runs you should be asking for more money then the scrap metal offer they will make you
  3. If only recently has stopped running, try and negotiate a higher offer
  4. Consider what valuable parts are still on it and mention those when you negotiate

Likely when you try and junk it, they will offer you the scrap metal price for it. Try and negotiate up for anything that you feel adds value. If it runs, you should certainly ask for more money. They may decide to fix it and flip it or sell it at an auction.

Used Cub Cadet Parts Pros and Cons

If you are looking for used Cub Cadet parts you can find pretty much everything under the sun at one of these salvos. You can find any replacement mower part, for any size mower whether it’s a walk behind, riding mower, or zero turn. They will have mower blades, spindles, belt replacements, decks, seats, starters, fuel tanks, steering wheels, engine covers, engines, intakes, exhausts, etc…

The Benefits of Buying Salvage Parts

The two biggest pros are saving money and finding parts that are no longer manufactured. If you are looking for motor on a  2004 LT 2138 16 HP Cub Cadet with a 38 inch deck, good luck with anything other then a junkyard. At a junkyard you can find one, get a 30 day guarantee on the motor, plus get most of the parts for the model.


A fringe benefit of Cub Cadets at junkyards is that you can find and purchase parts that were manufacturer assembled. These aren’t after market pieces or somebody’s fabricated mower deck. 99% of what you will find is real Cub Cadet parts. The question is what condition are they in…

The Drawbacks of Buying Used Cub Cadet Parts

Quality is always the big question mark at any salvage yard of any kind. You don’t know how many hours were on these vehicles. Remember these are made for work so the amount of duress they were under might be why they were junked. It is critical to inspect the parts before you purchase them.

Cub Cadet Junkyards Near Me Conclusion

The best place to get used Cub Cadet parts is at a junkyard. While a majority of what you will find is ride on mowers, you will see some snow blowers and big zero turn mowers as well. If you don’t have a local Cub Cadet junkyard, check to see if you have a lawn mower or tractor salvage near by. My advise would be to call them first and ask if they have any Cub Cadet’s in stock. Provide the year and model you need, and ask what condition is their inventory in. This is what I have learned from the Cub Cadet junkyards near me.