Replacing parts on a dirt bike can get expensive and that’s exactly why you should be looking for salvaged parts. Dirt bike salvage yards, is where junked bikes go to be dismantled for parts. Functioning parts of junked dirt bikes are sold off for reuse. You can find all the popular makes and models of dirt bikes and get used parts extremely cheap. Below I will share my experience with the dirt bike salvage yards near me and some tips on buying salvage dirt bike parts.

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Dirt Bike Junk Yards Near Me – How They Operate

Dirt Bike salvage yards run like any local business, except they deal in used dirt bike parts. These junkyards will purchase junked bikes and then sell the parts that still work. At these yards you can sometimes find motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s, and other off road vehicles that are scrapped. For the most part the bikes and vehicles in the junk yard have been obtained through private owners who junked their bike, auctions, and insurance companies.


If you have a dirt bike, you are looking to junk, the salvage yard is a great place to get a few bucks for it. You can can call and negotiate a price and then drop the bike off to them. In my experience with the place that sells used dirt bike parts near me, a majority of what they have are bikes from private owners. Normally what happens is someone figures out the cost of repair is worth more then the bike. If there are some good re-usable parts on there that can be a salvaged, selling it to a junkyard is a good option.


Sometimes dirt bikes come from insurance companies and auctions. Insurance companies will sell a bike to a salvage if they have deemed it “totaled” in an accident. By selling the bike, it helps offset paying out a claim. Other bikes come from auctions often times in a lot of other junked bikes or vehicles.

Before Dirt Bike Parts Can Be Salvaged…

When the salvo gets a new dirt bike they can’t just let people pull salvage parts off of it. It needs to be processed in order to meet a few environmental regulations and too ensure the junkyard makes the best profit. First they will drain the major fluids that get stored in specialized tanks. Oil needs special handling and gas gets resold if it’s clean.


Certain parts may also get pulled. For example a motor may get extracted and rebuilt. Any part that is valuable that may rust or corrode sitting outside may also get pulled. This was they sell the salvage dirt bike parts for maximum value. This may be done through a warehouse or online.

How They Arrange The Inventory

In my experience with the dirt bike salvage yards near me, there isn’t much organization. The bikes are randomly out in the lot for pulling parts. Finding the salvage parts you need is difficult. There are however better yards out there that arrange the bikes in rows by brand and/or class.


A good dirt bike junkyard will keep an online inventory of all the vehicles they have. You can do your research up front before visiting the junkyard. If your place is like the dirt bike junkyards near me, you will want to call ahead. Ask them if they have what you are looking for and if they know what condition the bike is in.

Getting a Used Part Warranty

Sometimes parts like a salvaged motors get sold with a warranty. If it runs it will be tested and sold. If it doesn’t run it may be rebuilt and then resold. The yard will often test the salvaged motor in advance and then sell it with a 30 day warranty.


Not all parts come with a warranty though and you need to specifically ask. The used dirt bike parts near me cost about $6 for a warranty. They won;t give you cash back if there is a problem, but you can get credit or an exchange if you’re within 30 days. I have done this with various parts over the years if the part is mechanical. I normally don’t bother with a warranty on salvage parts like: gas tanks, clutches, wheels, handlebars, seats, fenders, etc.

Dirt Bike Salvage Yards Near Me

Should You Buy a Salvaged Dirt Bike?

A salvaged dirt bike is one that has been junked, repaired, and then resold with a salvage title. They are difficult to get salvage insurance for. While a salvaged dirt bike is certainly cheap and i mean CHEAP, I would never recommend getting a salvaged bike. My opinion and experience with the dirt bike salvage yard near me, is stick to salvage parts and fix the junker I have.


Here are a few reason I think it’s a bad idea…

  1. Insurance co’s don’t offer full coverage on a salvage dirt bike. So if it get’s stolen…thats it!
  2. There is no market to sell a salvaged dirt bike even after you have got it running.
  3. A salvaged dirt  bike may have issues, you aren’t aware of and underlying damage. You can put your safety at risk.

Salvage Yards That Buy Dirt Bikes

There are many salvage yards that buy dirt bikes, but you should think through the following before you decide to junk it.


If the bike is repairable, do the math to weigh the cost of repairs. Is it better to fix the bike and sell it privately or is there a better cash value for in selling it junked. What about the functioning parts? Are there any used parts that have value…the junkyard is just going to sell them anyway. Can you sell them on your own for more then the dirt bike is worth?


If junking the bike is the right choice, cancel your insurance and locate your title. If you got plates on it turn them in. Don’t leave any of that mess to the junkyard to do. The dirt bike junk yard near me, charges an administration fee for that stuff.


Next look in the Kelly Blue Book for Motorcycles. If you are negotiating over the phone, be honest and represent the true condition of the bike. They may ask for photos. If the dirt bike is still running, negotiate a higher offer. If the bike has only recently been decommissioned state how long and try to negotiate a higher offer. Ultimately what you don;t want is trying to negotiate a offer for a dirt bike that has been rusting in your yard. The more value you can show/prove the better.

Salvage Dirt Bike Parts

The One Used Part I Always Avoid…

Dirt bike tires. No matter what a used tire looks like, i always pass on them. Some of the used tires actually look good with nice tread and little mileage. I always think safety first and my tires are the only think between me and the road (when I’m not catching air).


I understand used tires are a great place to save a few bucks, but it’s just not worth it. If you must buy a used tire check for structural damage, chicken strips, or abnormal wear. If you can get a matching set. At the dirt bike salvage yards near me, getting used tires is buyer beware.

Pros of Salvage Dirt Bike Parts

The biggest advantage of buying used parts is of course saving money. Salvage parts are cheap and you can save more then 50% of getting new parts. If your bike is old, the salvo also might be your only option for a replacement part.


Another pro is simply the types and variety of salvaged parts you can find. I have pulled seats, frames, racks, handle bars, fenders, motors, clutches, gas tanks, speedometers, and more. Sometimes you can find brand new parts of a new dirt bike that was wrecked. Even better these are manufacturer assembled parts, not after market knock offs.


If you are smart and keep your eyes open, you can pull parts and sell them yourself online. Why let the junkyard have all the fun.

Cons of Buying Salvage Parts

Quality tends to be the biggest drawback on any used parts. Dirt bikes are often subject to a beating from their owners. You have no idea the type of punishment the bike and the parts have been exposed to. While you should perform a good part inspection, you can never truly know the lifespan remaining.

Dirt Bike Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Dirt bike salvages are the best place to get cheap parts. Sure you can find them on Ebay, but going and pulling the part yourself will save you even more. While there aren’t a tone of junkyards that deal exclusively in dirt bikes, you can check motorcycle yards and even standard salvages. A hidden benefit of supporting your local junkyard is you also support the recycling industry. This is a way of keeping less parts manufactured, saving of energy, and diverting junk from landfills. That is my experience with the dirt bike salvage yards near me.