Motorcycle Salvage Yards Near Me – Get Used Motorcycle Parts Cheap

If you are new to working on motorcycles, bikes, or choppers you probably don’t know what a motorcycle salvage yard is. A motorcycle salvage yard, also referred to as a motorcycle junkyard, is where damaged bikes get scrubbed for parts. The working parts of the motorcycle get sold piece by piece to people looking for specific bike parts. You can find many makes and models of motorcycles and get used parts super cheap. I will tell you about motorcycle salvage yards near me out of my experience and share some tips on how to find the best used motorcycle parts. First lets find a motorcycle junk yard near you…

Find Motorcycle Salvage Yards Near Me – Use the Locator Below

If you are searching for “Motorcycle Junk Yards Near Me” or “Motorcycle Salvage Yards Near Me”, the Google Map below will show you all of the relevant businesses that sell used motorcycle parts or have bike salvage yards in your area.

Motorcycle Junk Yards – How They Operate

motorcycle salvage yards near meMost motorcycle junk yards operate on a local level. The motorcycle salvage yards near me buy nonfunctional or damaged motorcycles. In addition to motorbikes you can often find choppers, ATV’s, dune buggies, go karts, mopeds, and other similar type vehicles. They end up at the salvage yard because the owner decided it was too damaged or too expensive to replace the parts.


If you have a motorbike you are looking to junk, then you can call a salvage yard and work out a deal. In many instances you will have to drop off the motorcycle to the junk yard yourself. Some salvage companies do have a wrecker and can come pick up the bike, but in my experience this is few and far between.


Often motorbike junkyards not only buy from people, but they buy bikes from insurance companies. When an insurance company pays a claim for someone to get a new motorcycle, it is responsible for disposing off the wrecked one. So they often sell directly to a motorcycle salvage yard.


When they take a new bike in they first have to process it. This includes removing any gas and oil left in the bike. Those liquids get stored in specialty tanks. The gas is resold and the oil is sent to a recycling facility. Once it is done getting siphoned and drained it heads out into the scrap yard.


How They Arrange The Inventory

In a salvage yard for motorcycles they are arranged in rows and commonly grouped in sections by brand or type. Higher end motorcycle salvage yards keep a database of all the bikes they have in the yard. When someone comes along and says I’m looking for a specific type of motorcycle they can tell you where you will find it in the junkyard. You can then walk out to the lot with your tools and pull the parts you need. Most of the motorcycle junk yards near me are small businesses and they are not entirely organized or have good process in place to manage their bikes. They do however have good used parts that allow you to do your repair/replacements super cheap.


One motorcycle salvage yards near me, doesn’t put the bikes out in the lot. Instead, they strip them down in a shop and then take all the usable parts and organize them in a warehouse. So instead of walking around the lot you walk around in the warehouse and shop for used motorcycle parts on shelves and in bins. This is much more efficient, because the parts have already been pulled and organized them. You can actually call up and ask if they have the piece you are looking for, which saves you a lot of time and effort. The place near me is really good and if they don;t have what you need they often will know where to find it. They will help you get the part and connect you with other businesses.


Getting a Used Part Warranty

Certain used parts like an engine might be stripped off the bike and be sold to a 3rd party for remodeling. Then it gets sold again as a used motor with a warranty. In fact many used motorcycle parts you can get at the junkyard you can get a warranty on. The motorcycle salvage yard near me charges $6 for a warranty on a part. If you get home and the part is no good, you can bring it back and get a different one.


There are tons of used motorcycle parts you can pull such as mirrors, gas tanks, motors, clutches, wheels, seats, exhaust, and more. Once the junkyard feels like they have gotten the most out of a bike, some of them sell whats left for scrap metal.

Should You Buy a Motorcycle from a Salvage Yard?

When it comes to motorcycles salvage bikes are the cheapest bikes you can get, however just because its cheap doesn’t mean its good. I don’t buy motorcycles from the junk yard near me, i just buy parts, but you can find used bikes for cheap….


First lets establish what kind of deals you might find. I’ve seen bikes like a 2006 Harley Fatbiy with 31K miles going for less than $5,000 and bikes like a 2012 CBR600rr with about 4K miles on it for about $4000.


While that seems tempting there are several reasons why you should probably not buy a salvage motorcycle:

  1. Insurance companies will not allow you get full coverage on a salvage bike. So if your bike gets stolen or damaged you don;t have the comprehensive coverage you need.
  2. They are hard to resell (unless you are restoring an old classic bike). The resell market is just not there on salvage bikes.
  3. Salvage bikes can have underlying damage that can put your safety at risk.

Pro Tip: If you are considering buying a salvage bike you need to do a full inspection or hire a fully certified mechanic to do an inspection before you purchase it. That will probably cost you about $100 to have done.


So When Might I consider a Junked Bike…

The only two reasons I would consider buying a salvage bike are if I found a classic bike to restore or I was looking for a track bike….that;s it. With a track bike if something goes wrong with it and you have to dump it its better to have it happen on the track than out on the road. You just don’t know if the balance of the bike will be off and it will cause the death wobble at high speeds.


If you are looking to save money on a bike the best way to do it to go to a dealership and get “left over new”. You can save thousands off MSRP and you walk away with a brand new motorcycle that will be safe to ride on the streets. You can trust that it will operate safely. If you are motorcycle mechanic on the other hand, buying a salvage bike is advantageous. You can buy a bike with a wrecked front end and get the parts you need and do a custom fix.

Salvage Yards That Buy Motorcycles

When you sell a motorbike to a junkyard near you, there are a couple things you need to consider.


First is to see if the bike is repairable. Do an honest assessment and see if the level of damage is worth it to repair or if it’s better to just cut bait and sell the bike for parts.


If you decide to sell it to a motorcycle junk yard make sure you get all of your personal belongings out of the bags. You can also siphon the gas and save it for yourself. Additionally you need to return the license plates and cancel your insurance. This will allow the motorcycle junkyard to take full ownership of the bike.


You should also know the value of your bike before you negotiate the sales price. Even if it’s wrecked and beyond repair it is still worth something. Take a look in the Kelly Blue Book for Motorcycles. If you are negotiating over the phone, be honest and represent the true condition of the bike.


The best part about selling your bike to the junk yard is that you can earn a nice check for a wrecked or damaged bike. You must also have the title for the motorcycle as you will need to sign over to the junk yard.


The motorcycle salvage yard is a two way business. You can not only sell them your bike, but you can go there and buy used motorcycle parts extremely cheap. Some places not only sell at their yard, but also sell online on sites like Ebay and Craigslist.


How to Find Used Parts: Motorcycle Junkyard Tips

When I look for used motorcycle parts I often go to the salvage yard with a plan in mind. Here are some tips and tricks for pulling used parts off of salvage yard motorcycles:


  1. Take the minimum amount of tools with you and keep your bag light weight. Pull the part you need off your current bike first and set aside the tools you used. This will be the tool set you need to bring with you.
  2. If you work on American bikes you only need to carry SAE wrenches and sockets. For imports bring metric sets.
  3. Look for parts that don’t have any green on them. Green is a sign of corrosion.
  4. Ask the attendant how the yard is organized before you start walking around.
  5. Bring something to kneel on like a piece of cardboard or a small piece of carpet.
  6. Ask about warranties on the parts you are purchasing. If they offer warranties purchase one for any complex part.

Other options for finding used motorcycle parts are online junkyards or auctions.

The One Part I Would Never buy at a Scrap Yard…

In my opinion, you should never get used tires for your bike. You might see these looking newish and organized by size and/or tread type. Some places will have them thrown in large piles for sale. When it comes to tires you should always think safety first. a tire is not something I would risk my life on, since this is all I have between me and the road.


If you must by used tires to save money…don’t slack on your inspection. Make sure you are getting a tire that is brand new and has no signs of chicken strips or wear. Find a matching set. used motorcycle junkyard tires are sketchy and it is buyer beware!

Spare Parts at Motorcycle Salvage Yards Near Me

motorcycle junk yards near meYou will find a variety of great used motorcycle parts such as side mirrors, windscreens, seats, frames, gas tanks, front ends, back ends, tires, racks, handle bars, fenders, motors and more. There are a lot of advantages to buying these used parts at the junkyard. In fact there are enough used parts available that you can build an entire salvage bike from scratch. Normally though if that will require visiting several bike salvos to find everything you need.


First you can get the parts at a very cheap price. Many parts you will find might still be in good condition. What happens is some people try and fix their bikes by throwing parts at it. When the bike still doesn’t work, they junk it. So you may find some bikes with brand new pieces. Also some people of course wreck brand new bikes and junk them. Here you can slavge whats left and customize the rest.


Another advantage is that most f the parts you will find will be original and installed by the manufacturer. If you are doing a restoration or a rebuild its a good way to find the original parts you need.


Lastly, you can find parts that still have a lot of value and then resell them to people on eBay.


Disadvantages of Buying Spare Parts from the Motorcycle Junkyard

Its possible that the parts that you purchase may not be durable. There is a saying, “cheap is expensive”. When you pull a part off a bike you have no idea how many hours it’s got on it and can’t truly tell if is near then end of it’s life span. You could look at the odometer on the motorcycle, if its still there, but you don’t 100% know for sure if the part you are pulling is the original.


You can’y always find what you need. Sometimes I walk around the motorcycle salvage yards near me for hours and never quite find the exact parts I am looking for. It’s fun to walk around the yard, but when come home empty handed it can be frustrating.

Tricks and Scams By Junkyards That Buy Motorcycles

There are also a few issues that you may come across when selling your motorcycle to a salvage yard.


One of them is delayed payment. Never agree to give up your ride before being paid. You should make sure there is a written agreement that guarantees you payment. This is imperative if you are having them haul away your motorcycle from you. Some shady salvage yards will haul away your bike and then try to pay you less then you agreed on once it is in the possession.


If you are having a haul away done some of the motorcycle salvage yards will try and subtract the cost of towing from the sale price. Don’t agree to this. If you don’t have the ability to drop your bike off to them, try and negotiate for them to incur the haul away cost.


The junkyard may try and tell you the your motorcycle is worthless. This is simply a tactic to try and get the bike from you at a cheaper price. Remember the bike is NOT worthless to them. They are gonna sell it for used parts and what ever is left will be sold as scrap metal. A wrecked bike that may go for $500, could be worth $5,000 when the left over functional parts are all sold individually….so it ain’t worthless!

Motorcycle Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Whether you are buying or selling to a junkyard there is a lot to consider. I would encourage you to approach doing business with them cautiously. With that said though there are many great motorcycle salvage yards that do solid honest business.


These locations are great places to find used motorcycle parts. You will not find cheaper parts for your bike anywhere. They are like a big mall for people who perform their own repairs on their bikes. You can also make any salvage bike look like new with a little chrome, paint, and air brushing!


Additionally motorcycle junk yards help clean up the environment. If these places didn’t exist do you know how many wrecked bikes would be sitting around neighborhoods. Where would these wrecked motorcycles, ATV’s, choppers, go karts, etc go? We would be inundated with damaged vehicles and a world full of worthless scrap metal everywhere.


Anyway I hope you learned something from my experience with the motorcycle salvage yards near me.