Whether you need a part for your car or are looking to make some extra cash, Indiana auto junkyards are worth checking out. You can find great deals on used parts, and if you know what you’re doing, sell off valuable parts from junk vehicles. In this article, we will tell how Indiana junkyards operate, introduce the best ones in the state, as well as provide tips for successful part salvaging. I will also share my experience with automobile junkyards in Indiana.

Map of Junkyards in Indiana 

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How do Auto Junkyards in Indiana Operate

Every Junkyard in Indiana is a private enterprise, unlike a landfill that might be state-owned. They are governed by the same tax laws as any other business in the state, which is why you pay sales tax on used auto parts.


All Indiana junkyards need an automotive salvage recycler license to sell used major vehicle parts, wreck and dismantle vehicles for scrap, or rebuild wrecked vehicles for resale. If the business engages in any work that stores, disposes of, salvages, or recycling motor vehicles or vehicle parts, they will need to have an occupational license for a wrecking yard.


Much like other junkyards across the United States, Salvage Yards in IN operate by purchasing junk vehicles- such as cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. They then sell the usable parts from these vehicles.


There are many places from which vehicles can originate, such as insurance companies, private owners, businesses, tow truck companies, and salvage auctions. Some vehicles will be purchased to repair them before either auctioning or selling them with a salvage title.


Many vehicles will be sent to what we call a “yard.” Here, the public can come and pick apart the vehicle for parts they might need.

Processing of Vehicles at an IN Junkyard

Before a vehicle is sent to the pick and pull, it undergoes some essential processing. For example, all hazardous fluids must be drained and certain high-selling parts must be removed to preserve both their value and condition.


These extracted parts may include the battery, alternator, starter–and in some instances–motor or transmission. If fluids (i.e windshield wiper fluid or antifreeze) are clean upon removal, they will simply be rebottled and resold.


Tagging and labeling vehicles make it easier for customers to search yards’ inventories online. It’s a practice that not all junkyards in Indiana do, but the ones that do make finding parts a much easier experience.

Types of Junkyards in IN

There are over 222 businesses in Indiana that salvage, dismantle, recycle, scrap, or otherwise have some affiliation with junkyards and recycling. While there are plenty of general auto junkers out there, there are also specialty yards for foreign autos, Jeeps, motorcycles, and more.


If you have an old or junk car, don’t worry! Selling it is easy in this state, as there are multiple scrap yards and cash for car buyers. You can compare prices to get the most money for your vehicle.


Various Salvage Yard Models in Indiana

Salvage yards’ business models vary by state. Some are self-service, some full-service, while others sell online only or via a warehouse.


Salvage Part Warehouses: These businesses are still junkyards, but they are not pick-and-pull yards. These function by the business pulling parts off of vehicles to sell them either in-store or online. These businesses are known to be organized and well-maintained. Parts are usually of higher quality and inspected before being pulled. Because of that, prices tend to be higher than in a self-service yard.


Self-Service Junkyards: At a self-service salvage yard, you pay a fee to walk around and remove parts from vehicles. You’re expected to bring your tools and do all the work yourself. You pay for only what you remove. The quality of the vehicles and prices vary depending on the yard. From my experience with junkyards in Indiana, these yards usually have lower-quality older vehicles but cheaper prices overall.


Full-Service Junkyards: While self-service yards allow customers to remove parts themselves, full-service yards will do it for you. This usually means a higher quality inventory, but also higher prices. If you don’t have the skills or tools to remove parts yourself, these places are a good option.

Popular Auto Junkyards in Indiana

There are a variety of factors you should consider when looking for salvage in Indiana, such as location, inventory, quality, price, and customer service.


Here are a few popular junkyards with 4.5+ star ratings in Indiana:

  • GC’s Junk Cars 333 Alabama St Suite #350-3326, Indianapolis, IN 46204
  • New Country Auto Parts 3013 Stanley Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227
  • Jim Blount’s Auto Salvage 13830 US-6, Plymouth, IN 46563
  • Archies Auto Recycling 818 N 360 W, Valparaiso, IN 46385
  • Economy’s Auto Parts 5114 Old Maumee Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46803
  • Hines Salvage Yard 11395 E 400 N, Grovertown, IN 46531
  • Willie Mote Auto Parts 664 N 1300 E, Burnettsville, IN 47926
  • Rays Auto Parts 9653 S State Route 19, Amboy, IN 46911
  • The Junkyard 1504 119th St, Whiting, IN 46394
  • Dicks Auto Parts 50521 IN-13, Middlebury, IN 46540

Worth noting, Indiana is home to a popular junkyard franchise, Pull-A-Part, which is popular amongst part pickers.

Junkyards in Indiana

Selling a Junked Vehicle in IN

If you have an old, broken-down car in Indiana that you want to get some money for, your local junkyards will be one option to consider. You might be able to get more money from a private sale though or parting it out, so try that first before going to a junkyard.


Most salvage businesses will only offer you scrap metal value for your car, so it’s up to you to negotiate and prove that your car is worth more than that. You can do this by highlighting its features; if it runs, or has expensive aftermarket parts still installed, for example. If you aren;t sure what your vehicle is owrth, read this.


If you want to get rid of your old car in Indiana, you have to follow some specific steps. You’ll need the vehicle’s title and you’ll have to change the ownership over to a salvage company.

Indiana Procedure for Transferring Vehicle Ownership

Assuming you meet the requirements, selling a junk car in Indiana is no different than trading in any other vehicle.


Follow these steps:

  • Complete the title assignment on the title certificate, and provide a bill of sale and odometer disclosure (if applicable).
  • Complete the vehicle title application form.
  • Visit any Indiana BMV office near you.

Learn more about transferring a title on the Indiana BMV website,

Buying a Salvage Vehicle in IN

Perhaps you want to buy a car with a salvage title in Indiana. Here is what you need to know…


  1. When you buy it, you will be charged Indiana state sales tax.
  2. You are responsible for transporting the vehicle.
  3. After you purchase the vehicle from the junkyard, they will give you the title (which you need to register the car.
  4. A certified inspector must examine the vehicle to confirm it is safe before you can move the title from salvage status to rebuilt status which is required to insure it in Indiana.
  5. To register your salvage tile in Indiana, take your title, photo ID, and inspection report to any DMV. You can read about special titling in Indiana here.
  6. Provide your VIN, fill out the forms, and pay the fee.

What to Know About Salvage Yards in Indiana Before You Go

Although a self-service salvage can be fun, the Indiana heat in the summertime and the frigid winter can be brutal. Make sure to dress appropriately and pack the right tools for your trip depending on what time of year you plan to go.


My recommendations for IN auto salvages are

  • Clothing choices based on the time of year
  • Water and even have extra in your car
  • Sunglasses and a hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Mechanic-style gloves for pulling parts
  • Hand warmers and winter gloves for winter
  • Boots, preferably steel toe
  • Deicer for winter
  • Battery-operated fan for the summer
  • Tools and someone to help you if you are pulling engine parts

Checking Junkyards in the Neighboring States

If you live close to a state border, take advantage of cheaper prices in neighboring junkyards.

Junkyards in Indiana Conclusion

You now know the ins and outs of finding a junkyard and what to expect when you get there. You also know how to buy or sell a car with a salvage title in Indiana. Take this knowledge and go find your next project car! Now find your favorite junkyards in Indiana and pull some used parts.