Getting used parts for your scooter is a great way to save money Whether you have a scooter, moped, Vespa, or some other personal vehicle you can find second-hand parts online or at a salvage yard. There are plenty of places that carry junked scooters that you can pull functioning parts from and reuse them. Below I will help you find your local scooter salvage, share some tips, and discuss my experience with the scooter junkyards near me.

Map of Scooter Junkyards Near Me

For “Scooter Junkyards Near Me” or “Scooter Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…

How the Scooter Junkyards Near Me Operate

Scooter junkyards are local businesses that serve as part of the vehicle recycling industry. They buy and sell junked scooters, mopeds, Vespas, and other personal vehicles in order to sell the functioning parts for reuse. Each yard operates a bit differently in terms of inventory and style, but they also share commonalities. For example, each yard has to adhere to environmental regulations and they all deal in salvage parts.

There are various ways these personal vehicles end up in a junkyard. Sometimes private owners junk the scooter, while others come from auctions, business liquidations, and even insurance companies. Near more urban areas some scooters will come from rental places when the vehicle has reached its end of life.

What Happens When Salvaged Personal Vehicles Arrive at the Salvage Yard

There are various types of scooters that end up in salvage, but mostly motorized land scooters. Any vehicle with a motor in it needs some prep work done in order to protect the environment before a scooter sits out in a salvage yard. Typically the prep work involves draining the fluids like gas and oil. Additionally, they will pull the battery and sometimes the motor as well.

When they pre-pull parts like the motor and battery it is so they can resell them at a higher rate. Letting these parts rust in the yard for resale would degrade the quality of the parts,

While most scooters, mopeds, and Vespas are going to be in bad shape, some may still run. If the salvage yard gets a running vehicle, they may take it straight to auction to sell it.

Junk Yards That Buy Scooters, Mopeds, and Vespas

The scooter junkyards near me, buy used mopeds, Vespas, scooters, and other personal vehicles. They don’t care about whether it runs as much as they care about if there are sellable parts still on it. Now for these vehicles, you aren’t going to get much money. That is because they don’t have a lot and therefore don’t have much value in scrap metal like a car does. What they really want and are willing to pay for is the motor and its components like the intake and exhaust system. After that, they are interested in steering mechanics and the battery.

The best thing to do is to call around various junkyards and get a price quote. They are going to ask some basic questions.

These questions will be around:

  • Year, make, and model,
  • The condition and specifically does it run
  • Damage, accidents, etc…

A vehicle that still runs is worth more than one that doesn’t. So if your scooter runs, then try to negotiate a few more bucks. You may be asked to provide pictures via email, so make sure you are honest and negotiate in good faith, Aside from price negotiation you will need to figure out how to get the vehicle to them. The scooter salvage yard near me does not pick up, you must drop it off.

Scooter Junkyards Near Me

What to Expect In Terms of Brands and Quality

Mostly what I find are Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Vespa, Aprilla, BMW, Genuine, Chicago Scooter Co, Yamaha, and Gilera. Lexmoto, Sym Jet. etc. You will find all types of stuff, but the bigger brands are more prevalent.

Now the quality of these vehicles is going to vary greatly. Some will be junked because they reached their end of life, while others may have been wrecked going through an intersection. Then there may be scooters that will rentals that had 1000’s of hours clocked on them. Without knowing all the history of the vehicle it’s critically important to inspect the parts before you pull them.

In addition to scooters, some of these yards will have motorcycles dirt bikes, or other small personal vehicles.

Advantage Buying Used Scooter Parts

The key reason to get salvage parts is to save money. You can find discounts of 60 to 75% off from buying new. If you are savvy you can also pull extra parts and then sell them online and make your own profit.

Another advantage is getting OEM parts. Most of what you find will have been installed and assembled by the manufacturer. Pulling these parts is much better than getting after market parts.

Disadvantages of Buying Used Scooter Parts

As mentioned earlier the downside to salvage parts is the potential for poor quality. Many of these scooters are being junked for good reason. It is critically important to inspect parts before you buy them.

One part I would not buy second hand for my scooter or moped is tires. Since tires are the only contact point between you and the road, there is too much risk in my opinion. You can find used scooter tires, but i would advise for safety to stick to new tires only.

Alternate Places to Find Salvage Scooter Parts

You may not have a local scooter junkyard or maybe they don’t have the parts for your year, make, and model. Alternatively you can try to call around to related salvos:

Another way to find parts is to look for salvages that specialize in your brand. For example, if you have a Honda, you can search for Honda junkyards or Honda motorcycle junkyards specifically.

Scooter Junkyards Near Me – Conclusion

There are surprisingly quite a few places to find used scooter parts. Some of these yards are actual scooter salvos, but you can sometimes find them at bicycle salvages and motorcycle salvages. If you can’t find a local salvo, then call around to other related junkyards in your area.  This is what I have learned from the scooter junkyards near me.

FAQ Section: Scooter Junkyards Near Me

Can I make a few bucks by selling my old scooter or parts?

Absolutely! Scooter’s Auto Salvage provides an opportunity for you to make some extra cash by selling your old scooter or spare parts.

Can Scooter’s Auto Salvage fix my vehicle?

While Scooter’s Auto Salvage doesn’t provide repair services, you can find a variety of salvaged parts at the yard that can help you get your vehicle fixed.

Do they have parts for the driver’s side window?

Yes, Scooter’s Auto Salvage has a diverse inventory that includes parts for various vehicle components, including the driver’s side window. 

How does the junkyard process work for refunds or exchanges?

Scooter’s Auto Salvage follows a straightforward process for refund exchanges. Please contact their customer service for more details.

Do scooter junkyards allow advance letting for parts?

Yes, some scooter junkyards may allow you to pay in advance and hold a part for a specified period. Check with the specific junkyard for their policy on advance payments.

Are there time restrictions for returning a part, such as within two hours?

Return policies vary, so it’s crucial to understand the specific time frame within which you can return a part. Some junkyards may have different policies regarding returns.

Can I buy just a couple of parts, or do I need to purchase in bulk?

Most scooter junk yards allow customers to purchase individual parts. You don’t typically need to buy in bulk unless you choose to.

Can I find a certain part for my scooter at a junkyard?

Scooter junkyards often have a diverse inventory. Call and inquire about the availability of the specific part you’re looking for.


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