Getting salvage Yamaha parts can save you a lot of money on repairs. There aren’t any yards that deal exclusively in junked Yamaha’s, however you can find plenty of junked Yamaha’s at bike salvages. That includes street bikes, dirt bikes and even ATV and snowmobiles. At these yards you can strip the parts you need, buy them at a fraction of what the part costs new, and fix your bike. Below I’ll share my experience with the Yamaha salvage yards near me, tips on buying used parts, and where to find salvage Yamaha’s.

Map of Yamaha Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Yamaha Junkyards Near Me” or “Yamaha Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…

How do the Yamaha Salvage Yards Near Me Work?

A Yamaha salvage operates like any other local business. They are inpedendently owned and operated. Their business model is such that they buy junked vehicles and then sell off the functioning parts in order to make a profit. Some yards deal exclusively in motorcycles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, ATV’s, or UTV’s, but there are “general” junkyards that are a mix of all those vehicles.


Salvages get their inventory from multiple sources. That includes insurance companies, tow companies, private owners, and auctions.The source can often dictate the condition the bike is in. For example a Yamaha V Star 250 coming in from an insurance company was more then likely totaled in an accident.


If you have a junked Yahama you are looking to get cash for, junkyards are often a great place to call. The Yamaha salvage yards near me, will negotiate a price and handle all the paperwork in order to obtain it. You just need to sign over the title, transport it to the yard, and pick up your money. This is a good option if your Yamaha is truley junk, meaning it doesn’t run and the cost of repairs is worth more then the vehicles value.

Before Used Parts Can Be Salvaged…

When a salvage vehicle comes in to the yard, it doesn’t go straight out to the lot. Salvage yards have state mandated rules to follow regarding environmental protection and handling of hazardous materials. So first they must drain the oil, gas, and other major fluids. Those fluids are either recycled or resold based on the fluid type.


After the fluids are drained, some yards do some parts pulling themselves ahead of the public. This is to preserve parts with the most value so they don’t rust or corrode when it sits outside in the yard. For example if a YZF R1M bike came in the yard from an accidnet and the 998cc 4 cylinder engine was undamaged, they may pull it out. SInce thats a brand new engine it would be easy to sell online or at a minimum preserve in their parts warehouse.

How to Find Salvage Yahama Parts in a Junkyard

Every yard is aranged differently. The Yamaha salvage yards near me are a mess, brands are mixed and you just have to walk around to find what you need. It’s more arranged by vehicle type so you would have motorcycle section, an ATV section, a snowmobile section, and so on.


There are however salvages in the US, where you find much more organization. You will not only find a section of Yamaha vehicles, but you will be given a map to show you where exactly that section is in the salvage yard.  Then inside that section there is a more granular level of sort where you get junked Yamaha’s laid out by vehicle type.


A well arranged yard is much easier to find the used parts you need. Some places will even have an online vehicle inventory. That means you can search the database to see if they have the make and model you need. This is even more helpful if you know the makes and models of Yamaha’s that you can exchange parts with. That broadens the list junked vehicles you can pull parts from.

Used Part Warranties

Some salvages will offer warranties on used parts. There are yards that charge you an additional fee, but some sell parts like a motor with a warranty straight away. In those cases the part will typically be tested before it is resold. Warranties can vary from 30 days to be a mileage limit. It really depends on the part.


The add on warranties are usually like a $6-$10 additional fee depending on yard. These styles of warranties are usually 30 days and will offer you exchange or salvage yard credit if there is an issue. For mechanical parts it can make sense to ask about a warranty. For non-mechanical parts it does not.

Yamaha Salvage Yards Near Me

Should You Buy a Salvaged Yamaha?

Buying a salvaged vehicle comes with risks. They will need to be fixed to pass inspection and some insurance companies won’t insure them. I often steer people towards buying salvage vehicles for parts, but not for rebuilds. In the case of a Yamaha snowmobile or ATV it may not be that serious, but with a motorcycle it is. Just given the speed and the two contact points with the road, getting a salvage bike can jepordize you safety.


Here are a few reason I think it’s a bad idea…

  1. Insurance businesses don’t all insure salvage vehicles. Those that do won’t offer full coverage.
  2. Even if you fix up the vehicle, the market to sell it after is very limited.
  3. A salvaged dirt  bike, atv, motorcycle, or snowmobile may have serious underlying damage. That is a safety issue.

Salvage Yards That Buy Dirt Bikes and Motorcycles

If you are looking to ditch your junked Yamaha, then a salvage yard can be a good choice. This is often a great option to get money for a vehicle that isn’t even operable.


Before deciding to junk it though, you should do the math and ensure the cost of repairs are more then the vehicles value. It may be worth it to consider fixing it first and selling it privately. That may get you more money then junking it. While salvages are a great option to sell a junked Yamaha, you aren’t going to a Kelly Blue Book for Motorcycles offer from it.


When you do sell a Yamaha to a salvage there are a few things you may need/asked for. You will need the title and potentially be asked to provide photos of the vehicle via email. Then you will provide information like make, model, year, condition, mileage, and any specifc damage that it has.

Used Yamaha Parts Pros and Cons

Pros of Used Yamaha Parts

The biggest thing here of course is saving money. Salvage Yamaha parts are often more then 50% off what you would pay new. In the case of a motor you may even find discounts closer to 70%.


Then there is the perk of finding parts for vehicles that Yamaha no longer makes. Sometimes salvage yards are your only options to find parts at all. This makes them ideal for folks who are doing a restoration project. Yo can find plenty of second hand OEM Yamaha parts.


Another pro is the variety of salvage Yamha parts you can pull. This includes: seats, gas tanks, tires, motors, side view mirrors, stylings, body panels, instrument gauges, frames, racks, etc. You can find OEM Yamaha parts and sometimes find high end after market add ons.

Cons of Buying Used Parts

The downside of course is the quality of the salvage part. Some parts you may pull look good upon visual inspection, but don’t perform well once hooked up. When we buy salvage parts you just can’t be sure of how much abuse the previous owner did to the vehicle.

Yamaha Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

If you need cheap Yamaha parts, the junkyard is the best place to go. You can find used parts online as well, but to save the most money you can go junkyarding and pull the parts yourself. While you may not find an actual Yamaha junkyard, you will find plenty of these Japanese icons in a salvage. That is my experience with the Yamaha salvage yards near me.