Snowmobile junkyards are the best place to find used snowmobile parts cheap. These unique salvage yards buy junked snowmobile sleds and sell off the parts that are still in functioning condition. You can visit their yard and pull the parts or you can order them online. Most snow mobile salvages are located in northern areas where it is cold and has snow fall frequently. Below I will share my experience with the snowmobile junkyards near me and tips on buying used snowmobile parts.

Map of Snowmobile Junkyards Near Me

For “Snowmobile Junkyards Near Me” or “Used Snowmobile Parts Near Me”, see the map below…


With a majority of snow mobile salvage yards being in northern america and Canada, you may have limited results. Many of these businesses will also sell salvage parts online. The snowmobile junkyards near me, sell their inventory on Ebay and Craigslist.

How The Snowmobile Junkyards Near Me Operate

A snowmobile salvage yard is a locally operated business that buys snowmobile sleds and sells the, for replacement parts. you can find the big four bands like Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic Cat and Ski-Doo and pretty much all 150+ variants of their models. Other brands like Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda are also popular. These salvos sell off the used functioning parts at big discounts and may even want to buy your junked sled. More or less these places work like a vehicle salvage.

How do Snowmobiles End Up in the Salvage Yard

Snowmobiles end up at the salvage yard in one of four ways: private owners, rental companies, ski lodges, and/or auctions. Each junkyard will stock up their inventory through various channels. For example a ski lodge who has rentals may need to junk a machine and they sell it to the salvo.

What types of Snowmobiles Will I Find at a Salvage Yard

At the snowmobile junkyards near me, you can find new and old machines. Lots of the big four brands: Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic Cat and Ski-Doo. But there are plenty small brands and older popular models as well. It’s not just brands you see that varies it’s also varies by sled application. So you can find snowmobiles for trail, sport, touring, performance, utility, crossover, and mountaining. Some junkyards will also carry dirt bikes, ATV’s, and UTV’s for salvage.

How the Snowmobile Junkyards Near Me Are Arranged

Every snowmobile salvage yard does it a bit different. Most often though the vehicles are in tight rows so you can walk through. Not all yards have this level of organization. In an ideal world it would be nice to see all of one brand together in a section, but it’s just not practical to manage the yard that way. You also want find much organization by model, year, or era. It’s kind of arranged how and when a junked snowmobile came in.


Without much organization in the yard finding used snowmobile parts can be difficult. I find it’s easiest at these places to just ask if they have what you are looking for and where the machine is on the lot. These places know their inventory in and out and can point you to the vehicle you need or a vehicle that uses the same parts.


Well managed junkyards will keep a database of their inventory and parts lists online. One of the snowmobile salvage yards near me has all their used parts on their website and doesn’t offer pick and pull. They pre-pull everything and sell it on the internet. The problem there is if you are getting something heavy like a motor, the shipping can add a lot of money to the cost. If you are close though can go pick it up and save the cost.


If your local sled salvage doesn’t have their parts or inventory online, just call and ask. You can ask questions like “do you have a ski spring and a spindle for any early 90’s Kawasaki’s”?

Snowmobile junkyards Near Me

How Do They Manage The Sleds In The Inventory

When a snowmobile sled comes in, they can’t just the vehicle out for pick and pull. First it needs some standard processing to get the most value from it and meet some government regulations.


The type of processing that may occur will depend on what type of cart it is electric or gas. In a gas powered sled all the fluids get drained like oil, gas, brake fluid, etc. These fluids need to be recycled according to state laws. Electric’s will have the battery pulled and either recharged or safely disposed of. Some old batteries in gas powered snowmobiles might even still have lead in them that needs to handled properly.


At this point some yards pull valuable parts off and others stick the sled right out in the yard. Stripping the most valuable parts is smart because they can protect the parts that corrode in the elements faster. These are parts like starters and alternators. If they pull them out it preserves the part and then they can get a few more bucks for it. Some places will even pull out the motor. If it runs they will resell it. if the motor doesn’t run, they may rebuild it and sell it with a warranty.


Once fully prepped and most valuable parts are stripped, the sled goes out for pick and pull. This is when people like us come with tools and scavenge for parts. After sometime the machine will be void of it’s value and what remains will be sold off for scrap metal The snowmobile salvage yards near me, leave the sleds to rust in the lot and don’t finish out the full recycling process.

Used Snowmobile Parts Pros and Cons

The Benefits Used Snowmobile Parts

Finding used snowmobile parts near me is easy and the best money saver. Even a junked cart that was maybe destroyed in an accident may even have some brand new parts in it. Sometimes a private owner tries to get an old machine working and throws parts at it, When the vehicle doesn’t run, they junk it and leave the new parts. That is new used parts for us!


Another thing I like is that you can find manufacturer assembled original parts. Not just after market parts, but you actually find the exact part you needed for your machine. The types of parts you can find runs the spectrum. You will find parts like: mirrors, reflectors, hoods, skis, motors, spindles, ski springs, skag/wear bars, boogie wheels, tracks, handle bars, suspensions, and more. You can even find electronics intact like: grip warmers, starter controls, kill switches, throttles, tachometers, etc…


Not all junkyards will have warranties for parts, but some will offer a 30 day purchasable warranty. For $8-$12 per part, you can get a 30 day exchange or credit for the part you buy. I don’t always get a warranty, but on an expensive part like a motor I would.

The Drawbacks of Salvage Parts

The biggest issue with salvage snowmobile parts is you don’t know the quality or history. How hard was this motor ran, how many hours and how much mileage is on this suspension. Some of these karts from rental places or ski lodges have been pretty beat up. These machines are made to do work and therefore the parts can take a punishment. Even a good visual inspection can’t give you complete confidence. That’s part of the reason used snowmobile parts near me are so cheap.

Snowmobile Junkyards Near Me Conclusion

If you live in the northern US or Canada you can likely find a snowmobile junkyard near you. They are the best places to find used snowmobile parts at big discounts compared to the new manufacturer issued parts. If you don’t have a sled salvage around, you can try your luck calling your local ATV or UTV salvage yard also. Sometimes those yards will have some junked sleds. This is what I have learned from the snowmobile junkyards near me.