In the US the EPA estimates about 9 million refrigerators are junked each year. Recycling refrigerators is important because the contain reusable materials. By utlilizing recycling options, you divert waste from entering the lanfill. Below I will discuss frequent questions about recycling a frige like where to recycle one, can you sell a used one, and how the process of recycling works. I will also share my experience with the refrigerator recycling near me.

Map of Refrigerator Recycling Near Me

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Refrigerator Recycling, How it Works….

When recycling a refrigerator, three main methods can be used: mechanical recycling, chemical-free recycling, and energy recovery. Mechanical recycling is the most common option and basically separates all of the materials into their component parts so they can be reused. Chemical-free recycling is great for appliances with hazardous materials like CFCs and HCFCs. Lastly, energy recovery is the process of recycling refrigerants and freon from fridges to be used in other appliances like freezers or air conditioners!

Can I Put A Refrigerator On The Curb For Trash Pickup?

Unfortunately, you can not simply put a refrigerator on the curb for trash pick-up! Putting out a fridge or freezer for trash pickup is not allowed in most places. Not only are they large and two big for garnage pick up, but they also contain hazardous materials.

Check With Your County…

If you’re trying to get rid of it, be sure that your county allows residents to put these appliances on the curb during garbage pick-up days. It’s vital to ensure they are completely empty and without any freon or refrigerants before recycling them. Additionally, you’ll need to find out if they can be recycled in your area. Some recycling centers only take specific models, and there may also be a fee involved for recycling them, so call ahead before you haul it down there.

Where Can I Recycle a Refrigerator Near Me?

There are several different options when it comes to recycling your old refrigerator. The first thing you should do is check if there’s someone in your community willing to take it off your hands! You may even be able to sell it if it is in reusable condtion.


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If not, then most likely, some facility will recycle or repurpose the fridge. That also likely means you will need to transport it.


Many different locations can help you recycle your old refrigerator. The most common places to take appliances like refrigerators are with the local waste management department, appliance salvage yards, and scrap metal yards!


If there’s no way for you to get it to these facilities, try finding someone in your community interested in taking it off your hands. In some cases, other organizations , like a charity, will come to pick up your old fridge for free or for a small fee, depending on their policy.

Paying for Haul Away Refrigerator Recycling…

If you are in immediate need of getting rid of an old fridge you may want to consider paying a junk removal company. They will come and pick it up. Typically you are charged by the amount of sq.ft the appliance takes up in the back of the truck.

Refrigerator Recycling Near Me

Can I Sell A Used Refrigerator For Scrap Metal?

You sure can! In fact, selling your refrigerator for scrap metal is a very popular means of disposal. Some refrigerators are made of valuable materials to recycling companies, like copper and aluminum. While other appliances may contain freon or hazardous chemicals, these should be removed before you try to recycle them to protect the environment.


Recycling companies may pay you for the scrap metal in your refrigerator. Be sure to research what metals are present in your fridge before selling it so that you can get the best price. It is advised to get an estimate from a few scrap metal yards before actually selling your refrigerator. That way, you’ll know what to expect when you go through with the sale. You can also search online for “refrigerator recycling.” This will give you a list of local and national recyclers who may be interested in buying your fridge.

How Much Is A Refrigerator Worth In Scrap Metal?

This really depends on the condition and type of refrigerator that you have. Some refrigerators are made entirely of metal, and others have a small amount of metal content. The best way to find out how much your fridge is worth is to contact a metal scrap yard in your area. An average sealed unit can weigh around 30lbs and someone will offer you a value based on it’s scrap metal weight.


While there is valuable copper and aluminum inside that can be recycled, it is difficult to break a frige’s casing to get it. It is advised by most scrap metal yards to just sell the unit as a whole.


Let’s say that you have an old metal fridge with some copper content; this is no problem since most scrap yards can separate different metals from one another. If you want, they can also let you know how much each of them is worth depending on the market at the time.

Do Landfills Accept Refrigerators?

Landfills typically only accept trash or other items that cannot be recycled. You will not find a landfill that accepts appliances like refrigerators and freezers! This is because these types of landfills are specially designed to contain trash, which would cause problems if they also took in large metal objects. Landfills do not accept large appliances in general because they take up a lot of space and can be challenging to break down and biodegrade.


They also contain hazardous materials that can leak and cause severe environmental damage. Refrigerators often contain harmful chemicals like CFCs that can damage the environment if they’re released into the air.  This means that it’s essential for residents to find other ways to recycle these machines.

Do I Have To Pay for Refrigerator Recycling Near Me?

In most cases, there is no cost associated with recycling a refrigerator. However, if you need to remove hazardous materials from the appliance before recycling it, then you may have to pay a small fee. This is generally the case with chemical-free recycling options. Additionally, some municipalities may charge a fee for large appliances like refrigerators. Contact your local recycling center or city if you have any questions about refrigerator recycling in your area.


The challenge though for most folks is how do you get the frige to a recycling center. No place the does refrigerator recycing near me, does haul away services. For that you are going to have to pay someone most likely.

What Parts Of A Refrigerator Can Be Recycled?

Several different components in your refrigerator can be recycled or repurposed. The most common materials for recycling include aluminum, copper, steel, insulation foam panels, and plastic! That means you’ll likely end up with several small items when the appliance is shredded down into its parts. Additionally, any insulation inside the appliance will be recycled, and all of the wiring is recyclable.

Can I Donate An Old Refrigerator?

Some places will accept donations of old refrigerators. This is a great option if you don’t want to go through the hassle of recycling it yourself! Some organizations will even pick up the refrigerator from your home, so you don’t have to worry about getting it to a facility. Just be sure that it’s empty and doesn’t contain any hazardous materials before you donate it. Additionally, you can check with your local municipality, as some cities will have special recycling programs for appliances.

Refrigerator Recycling Near Me – Conclusion

A refrigerator has many reusable and recyclable parts. You have many options for recycling such as donating, selling, recycling facilities, and appliance salvage yards. Being that landfills will not take a frige, you have to get creative in order to dispose of one. When refrigerators get recycled we reduce energy, reduce waste, and help global sustainability. When we recycle it means new products don’t need to be created. This is what I have learned from recycling refrigerators near me.