Getting rid of an old refrigerator or freezer is a real pain. Landfills won’t take them without the hazardous materials drained and haul away services charge money. Often the best option is to try and sell your old refrigerator if it still works. Then you can acheive two goals: get paid and find someone to pick it up from you. In this article, I’ll share where to sell a used refrigerator, how much money they go for in scrap, and some common questions. I will also share my experience with the places who buys old refrigerators near me.

Map of Who Buys Old Refrigerators Near Me

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Places That Buy Old Refrigerators

Believe or not, there are a few different options for selling your used refrigerator. Back in the day your options were basically a yard sale, classified ad, or word of mouth. Things have drastically changed with the internet and the huge up tick in peoples desire to recycle.


Fair warning Some options below  will require you to transport the unit, while a few others could get it picked up from you. It’s also possible to even find a buyer even if your frige or old freezer doesn’t work. Let’s dive in and discuss there alternative you can consider when selling an old frige or freezer.

Appliance Salvage Yard Who Buys Old Refrigerators

An appliance salvage yard is also known as a scrap metal yard. They are one of the best place to drop any kind of junk appliance off when they no longer work. In my experience with the place who buys old refrigerators near me, this is one of the easiest and best choices. They will pay for your frige or freezer even if it doesn’t work, the trad off is though you will need to transport it there yourself.


These businesses buy scrap metal and recycle it into new products. They pay based on the weight and type of metal you have. The rate of pay is based on the metals commodity market which fluctuates daily.


If you really wanted the most money out of a recycled refrigerator, then you could separate out the metals yourself. The type of metal in your unit will vary depending on it’s model and age. Some will contain recyclable metals like copper, steel, and aluminum. For most folks though the time and effort required to do that is not worth it. Plus you have to deal with the internal chemicals.


If you are wondering what your old refrigerator is worth in scrap you can call your local scrap metal yard. Many places post generic pricing on their website. The business who buys scrap metal and old appliances near me, pays a flat $40 for an old refrigerator. It doesn’t matter the weight, the brand, etc. One flat rate for any kind of frige or freezer and working or not.

Online Classified Ad Sites and Market Places

In my opinion best option to get the most money is to try and sell it on your own first. The downside here is that you need to do a little work, deal with the public, possible negotiate with a buyer on price, and let someone in your home for pickup.


There are a few different options that come to mind when it comes to selling an old refrigerator online.

    • Craigslist – Great for local and regional, the tradeoff is you may deal with spam and scams.
    • Ebay – Not always practical since a frige is large and you are liekly not going to ship it.
    • OfferUp – Good website to buy and sell locally
    • NextDoor App – Good app to find people in your local community
    • Facebook Marketplace – Can expand past local and reach a larger audience of buyers


To have the most success when selling an old refrigerator, do the following:

  1. Write a detailed and accurate description. Include the age, brand, and model.
  2. Take really good pictures from multiple angles.
  3. Include the units measurements in the description.
  4. Set a fair price and the terms such as “you must be able to pick it up”.
  5. Think full disclosure such as any damage or defects you are aware of. Be honest about the condition.
Who Buys Old Refrigerators Near Me

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Who Takes Used Refrigerators Near Me?

Some local municipalities will offer a large appliance recycling day. If you can haul your old frige down to the collection point you can recycle an old refrigerator for free. Since you can’t put a frige or freezer on the curb, here are some other options to consider.

Donate to Charity

Donating charity serves three purposes:

  1.  Potential for a tex write-off if you ask for a receipt.
  2. Someone who can’t afford a refrigerator will be given one.
  3. Some organizations may come and haul it away for free.

Here is my two scents on it though when it comes to donating an old frige or freezer. No one wants your garbage. If your appliance does not work or the door is falling off, then charity is not going to accept it. They are looking to reuse the appliance by giving it to someone in need, When you donate a used frige to a charity the condition should be “gently used”.


Not all charities, but some will actually come and do the haul away service when you donate. When you look around for an organization, you should ask if they will do a pick up.

Pay for Junk Removal

For those that are desperate to junk a frige, you may need to consider paying someone for a haul away services. These are junk companies that come and pick up your stuff. The good news is that they will send people to even come and take it out of your house for you. The downside of course is that they charge you for the amount of sq/ft your appliance takes up in their truck. Expect to pay around $50 for a medium size frige or freezer.


If you are wondering what they will do with it. Some companies will sell your old frige for scrap metal while others will donate it.

How Much Money Can I Get For a Used Refrigerator?

The amount you sell it for will depend on the buyer you are dealing with. For example if you have a newer frige of a popular brand, its in working condition, and you are using Facebook Marketplace, you may be able to get a few hundred bucks. You need to be realistic about setting a price though. Don’t expect to get back what you paid for it new.


If you are dealing with a scrap metal facility, $50 would be on the high end of offers. That would be for a really heavy unit, likely with something that contains copper, steel, and aluminum.

Will Someone Haul Away an Old Refrigerator?

As discussed above it depends on the buyer. Appliance salvages and recycling centers are not going t pick up your used frige or freezer. For those options you will need to transport the unit to them.


When it comes to selling it yourself, then you can negotiate the pick up as part of the sale. When you post the unit for sale, it is good to say “pick up only”. In my experience with selling a used refrigerator, you are likely going to need to help the buyer load it in the truck. If you aren’t strong enough to help, make sure there is a plan in place.


If you donate it to charity that is another good way to potentially get a free haul away service. Same applies though, you may need to help lift or load the unit onto a truck.

Who Buys Old Refrigerators Near Me – Wrap Up

There are two prime options for selling a used refrigerator or freezer. Sell it privately yourself or sell it for scrap metal. Other then that you are looking at options like donating, dropping off at a recycling facility, or calling a junk haul away services. In general, if your refrigerator still works you should try and sellit on your own first. You may be able to make some money and get the unit picked up. These are the things I learned from the place who buys old refrigerators near me.