Four wheeler salvage yards are great places to find parts for UTV’s, ATV’s and other 4 wheel vehicles. These salvage yards carry a variety of power sport, recreational, and work performance vehicles that you can pick used parts off of. You only pay for what you take. In this post I will share with you how the Four Wheeler salvage yards near me operate and give advice on selling a 4 wheeler to a junkyard.

Map of Four Wheeler Salvage Yards Near Me

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Operations of Four Wheeler Junk Yards Near Me

4 wheeler salvage yards operate like any local business. They aren’t government owned, but they are governed by some safety regulations a standard business doesn’t have to deal with. Theses specialized salvos get their inventory from private owners, insurance companies, ATV and UTV salvage auctions, and sometimes the local police. There are varying circumstances that dictate where a four wheeler will originate from. For example a private owner might sell one because its inoperable and the police may junk one that was in an accident and uninsured.


Four Wheeler Junkyard Arrangement

Most four wheeler junkyards have all the vehicles lined up in rows. Since these vehicles are pretty small the space in the rows is normally very narrow and the lot is packed out. Sometimes to pull parts you need to throw the vehicle next to you in neutral and push it over a bit to give yourself space to work.


Some of these yards have a little organization such as putting vehicle types in sections. So you will find a quad section, a utility vehicle section, and a buggy section. Past that level of structure most yards are a mess, with all the brands like Polaris, Can-Am, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, etc all being mixed together. This sometimes makes finding the used parts you need a bit difficult to find on the lot.


Since finding the vehicle type, model, and year you need can be hard, i think it best to check to see if they have a website or phone number you can call. The four wheeler salvage yards near me have an updated website that they post the new inventory on. This saves a lot of time so I don’t have to keep going down to see what is new at my local yard.

Before Parts are Picked Salvage Yards Process the Vehicle

When my local yard gets a new 4 wheeler they typically do a few things before they put it in the lot. First they drain major fluids like gas and oil. Nest they may extract the engine and the battery, depending on certain factors. Lastly they may remove certain parts ahead of time that they can sell online to make more money. After that the vehicle goes in the yard to site. Once a vehicle is picked apart it will either be left to rust or what remains will be sold to a scrap metal plant.

ATV Salvage Yards Near Me

Salvage Yards That Buy Four Wheelers

If you are trying to junk your four wheeler you need to consider a few things. First you need to assess if the vehicle is fixable and what it would cost to repair it. Next I would assess the value of the vehicle both with and without the repair. This will help you make a more informed decision about whether or not its time to junk your 4 wheeler.


If you are going to junk it do the following first.

  • Remove all of your personal belongings
  • Return the license plates yourself to the DMV
  • Cancel your registration and insurance (if it is insured)
  • If you have a full tank of gasoline siphon it and keep it
  • Find your title because you will need it to sell your Four Wheeler
  • Assess the value of your four wheeler

Many people who have ATV’s and UTV’s use them for recreation so license plates, registration, and insurance may not be a big deal. If you do have these however you will want to take care of these cancellations yourself. The 4 wheeler salvage yards near me, will send you an administrative bill post sale for completing these tasks for you. If you don’t pay the bill they report you to a collection agency.

Used Four Wheeler Parts Pros and Cons

The Benefits Used Four Wheeler Salvage Parts

Your best bet to get used ATV and UTV four wheeler parts is at any Four wheeler salvage yards. You can actually find more specific yards dedicated to just ATV’s or UTV’s depending on where you live. Sometimes you can even get used dirt bike parts, golf cart parts, or snowmobile parts. The biggest benefit at any yard is that you can get parts for dirt cheap. Additionally you can find almost any part imaginable, you just need to bring the right tools to pull them. I recently purchased an entire Maverick chassis.


At some places you can even purchase a warranty for the parts. This is what I recommend for any parts you deem to be pricey. Most yards will give you one for between $8 and $12 per part. What’s nice about getting parts at a yard is also most of what you find will be manufacturer assembled.

The Downside to Used Four Wheeler Parts at Salvage Yards

The nature of four wheelers is that they are rough and rugged so we beat on them and abuse them. That also means the parts may have been under heavy stress and have intense hours put into them. That means the quality of the parts is often a big question mark. You can;t really look at a part and know how much life it has left in it. My best advice is to really examine the part before you buy it and ask about a warranty.

Four Wheeler Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Four wheeler junkyards are great places for used parts and they provide a service to the environment. They help get unused ATV’s, UTV’s, and other 4 wheeled vehicles in a retirement home, where they can have their unused parts put back into working vehicles. If not for these business you would see many more four wheeler’s left out in the middle of nowhere to rot.


That’s my experience with the four wheeler salvage yards near me. There aren’t a whole lot of the businesses across the US, so if you have one, take advantage of it. If there isn’t a 4 wheeler yard, you can also look for an ATV salvage or a UTV salvage. They may end up having the parts you need for your make, model, and year of your four wheeler.